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Healing Our Youth

CASTLE ROCK - Are you a parent, teacher or youth leader? Are you concerned about a child’s or teen’s mental wellness? Healing Our Youth: Get Educated! is an outreach educational event aimed at helping our parents and leaders become informed about mental health and wellness to support and heal our community’s strongest asset, our youth.

We invite you to attend our upcoming inspirational panel presentation and mental health resource fair, and get your questions answered.

Healing Our Youth: Get Educated!

WHEN: Thursday, September 10, 2015 FROM 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. 
WHERE: Daniel C Oakes High School, 961 S Plum Creek Blvd in Castle Rock


What can I expect at the Healing Our Youth: Get Educated?

  • Learn important facts and statistics about the brain and the basic biology of mental disorders
  • Discover how to identify unhealthy adolescent behavior
  • Connect with experts and resources in the field of suicide prevention, mental health and behavioral health
  • Understand what steps to take concerning behavioral issues
  • Enjoy conversation with other parents, teachers and youth workers

What does the presentation cover?

  • A Parent’s Personal Story – As an introduction to the presentation, a parent shares her retrospective story of her son’s struggle with mental illness and the early warning signs that she wasn’t able to recognize.
  • Mental Disorders: Facts, Statistics & Biology – In a logical and digestible way, a pediatrician explains important facts and statistics about a youth’s brain and how mental disorders are based in biology.
  • Substance Abuse Disorder and Your Child – a substance abuse mental health expert explains the dangers of the substances our youth are exposed to in today’s society, plus signs and symptoms to look out for that your child may have substance abuse issues.
  • Identifying Unhealthy Adolescent Behavior – a professional counselor explains the signs of symptoms to look out for in children that may indicate there is a mental health issue. She also helps you to understand the range of professional help available alongside self-help techniques.

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When it comes to mental health services, communities traditionally focus on supporting kids as needs arise. This work is crucial for the safety of our students. Equally important, though, is prevention-based programming that can help, early on, prevent the social-emotional challenges our kids may be experiencing from escalating.