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Going back to his roots, Legend senior shares STEM passion with K-8 students

PARKER-- For the past two years, Legend High School senior Josh Chapman has dedicated a week of his spring break to share his passion for STEM by teaching engineering, robotics, circuitry and 3D printing to younger children at his former K-8 school, Challenge to Excellence (C2E), a Douglas County public charter school.

Chapman brought to life a design of their choice for each elementary class.  The question was posed to each class: “What do you want to design?”  The answers ranged from a dog to Star Wars figures.

He demonstrated basic CAD to the students before ultimately printing the design on a 3D printer. As a result, the elementary students learned the complete process of taking a vision to reality.

Under his leadership, C2E Middle School students designed an Android app with MIT App Inventor. Each student walked through the steps of how to design and create the app from start to finish.

“Josh brought together his ability to connect with children and his STEM knowledge,” said Beth Mossholder, Director of Technology at C2E. “He truly showed a gift for working with children and making STEM an exciting part of their world.”

Chapman additionally shared his engineering project, a muscle sensor for a prosthetic arm.  He created and designed the entire project using robotics, circuitry and 3D printing.  He introduced C2E students to the circuitry program called Fritzing and Solid Works CAD program.  He even built a small circuit for the students to help them understand the circuitry process.

“It was especially incredible to see the amazing creativity of the students, and the ways the school has been able to promote it,” Chapman said. “I wish all the students I saw that week good luck, whether they are going to be writers, engineers or anything in between. I hope that they learn as well as I did, that the sky is the limit.”

Josh graduated C2E in 2012 and is currently involved with the Technology Student Association, competing in Biotechnology and Engineering Design. He is in the National Honors Society, Science National Honors Society and Calculus Club. He has received the Eagle Scout Award, Certified SolidWorks Professional and Student of the Year in Practical Arts (Engineering).

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