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Superintendent File: EBCB-R

The health and safety of students and personnel shall be the first concern of all employees. Principals and supervisors are responsible for the health and safety of employees and students under their jurisdiction; they are expected to take every reasonable safety precaution and to report to their superiors any potentially dangerous condition not within their control.

Since emergencies can arise on the first day of school as readily as on any other school day, orientation programs for employees and students shall include instruction in the school emergency plan and the use of emergency equipment. Particular attention shall be given to:

  1. How to turn on a fire alarm;
  2. Where the nearest fire extinguisher is located for each classroom;
  3. Where the nearest fire alarm box or station is located for each classroom;
  4. How to use the types of fire extinguishers in the building;
  5. The usual exits, lines of travel, or emergency procedure that students shall be expected to follow in case of fire, earthquake, civil defense, or other emergency for every classroom;
  6. The alternate exits, lines of travel, or emergency procedure which students will be expected to follow in case the usual exit and line of travel are blocked; and
  7. Where first aid supplies are located, and where other equipment (such as stretchers or cots) is kept.

Emergency exit information shall be posted in each room. Such information shall be printed clearly in large letters on a card posted next to the corridor door of the room.

Sufficient fire drills shall be held during the first two weeks of each school term to satisfy the principal that students and employees thoroughly understand the proper procedures and evacuation routes. After the first two weeks of school, fire drills must be held at least twice each semester during the school year. School personnel, as well as pupils, must evacuate.

A report shall be made to the office of the Superintendent after the first two weeks of school, and after each subsequent fire drill during the school year. This report shall give the date, time of day, required time for building evacuation, and a general evaluation of the drill, and shall report any unusual conditions associated with the drill. Special mention shall be made of equipment, alarm systems, exits, or other circumstances which in any way limit the safety of the school.


Current practice codified 1978
Issued: November 7, 1978
Repealed by the Board and re-enacted and revised by the Superintendent: September 2, 2003