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Budget Facts

On Tuesday June 17, the Douglas County Board of Education approved the FY 2014-2015 Budget, sending more money to DCSD schools for the upcoming school year.

Increases in Revenue
Improving state revenue allowed the state legislature to approve more K-12 funding. As a result, the Per Pupil Revenue (PPR) for DCSD increased $356/Funded Pupil Count (FPC) to $6,752/FPC.
FY 2014-2015 Planned Expenditures
In the FY 2014-2015 Budget, DCSD leaders plan to send the increases in revenue back to the classroom in the following two ways: additional funding for Student Based Budgets (SBB) and increasing compensation for our employees. Additionally, the District is committing to absorbing benefit cost increases on behalf of employees.
The following is a breakdown of DCSD’s planned increases for its FY2014-2015 budget:
  • Additional SBB dollars
    • $105 one-time allocation from FY 2013-2014 becomes ongoing in the FY 2014-2015 Student Based Budgets
    • $50 on-going discretionary allocation (provided in February at the beginning of the budget process)
    • $50 on-going discretionary allocation (provided in May following the successful passage of School Finance legislation, which provided increased funding for school districts)
  • $10 Million in compensation increases
    • 3% average ongoing pay increase based on evaluation (Highly effective teachers receive 4-6 percent increase)
  • Absorb benefit cost increases
    • PERA increase (0.9% of salaries = $2.4 Million)
    • Medical increase (8.4% = $1.3 Million)


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District News

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Nearly 1,500 Colorado students applied for the prestigious Boettcher Foundation Scholarship this year, with 42 being named recipients. Of those, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) is proudly home to four recipients.


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