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Film festival showcases student skills, creativity

Film Festival winners

DOUGLAS COUNTY – The Douglas County School District (DCSD) Film Fest, (also know as “The Dougies”) proved to be a celebration of video programs encompassing the District. This year, students from grades five through 12 participated, submitting everything from music videos to school newscasts. 
Rock Canyon High School (RCHS) Teacher Jim McClurg, who was named high school video teacher of the year, said, "I really enjoy the opportunity to challenge my video production students and compete against other school’s creative films. The fact that Douglas County School District brought back the DCSD film festival, formerly F-Stop, gives the schools an outlet to showcase their productions and possibly win in many specific genres for TV broadcast and film."

Pictured (left to right) Front row: Shane Drabing, Wesley Cassford, Paige Von Bank, Ally Harris, Amy England. Back row: Dan Lindeen, Sam Arellano, Robert Falk, Connor Corbett

2015 Film Fest video thumbnail imageMiddle and high schools had an opportunity to participate in a unique 7-day category, in which students were required to create a short film in just seven days. In order to ensure that films were created in the time frame, a list of mystery elements were given on the first day of the event. These elements included: a creative intro sequence with titles, a line from the movie, Frozen, a whip pan camera shot, a flashback sequence, a character named “Crash,” and wearing something showing school spirit. 
Paige Von Bank, senior at RCHS, and a member of the group who won the high school 7-Day film category, said, “It was a challenge, it was stressful and difficult to produce something that I thought would be interesting as well as, from a cinematic standpoint, something of high caliber. I believe that it made me a better filmmaker though, because I had to make every shot count, every minute that we filmed counted and putting that time and energy into a film where I have a lot of time will elevate it to that next level.”
Von Bank won Best in Show and was awarded a new video camera, sponsored by the DCSD Innovation and Design Center. Von Bank was also recognized for a music video she created.

“It was really amazing to be presented with the Best In Show award," Von Bank shared. "It's one thing to win an award from a teacher or have a peer tell you that your film is good, but to be reassured by a group of recognized people in the industry that what you're doing is actually something that you're good at, is the best feeling in the world. It makes me want to push even harder and make even better films!”
Scott Melanson, Douglas County School District Student Media Coordinator, who orchestrated the event, said, “It is important for schools to have opportunities to showcase their work, and also be able to see what other schools are producing. I look forward to seeing these video programs continue to grow.”
Follow this link to view student entries and the award-winning videos.

High School Winners

7-Day Film
Winner The Stalker Paige Von Bank, Connor Corbett, Shane Drabing Rock Canyon
Finalist Music Box Paige Von Bank, Riley Zehnle, Madison Golden, Jamie Zurzolo, Sieanna Stone, Emily Sattem, Jordan Weber Rock Canyon
Finalist Old Man Winkle’s Place Amy England, Brooke Galyon, Sam Hulsizer, Tara Sampson, Robert Falk Rock Canyon
Finalist How many Licks Does it Take Jens Johnson, Dan Lindeen, David Laff, Brandon Murphy, Michael Baer Rock Canyon
Finalist Wesley’s Declassified School Survival Guide David Laff, Rachel Lord, Logan Schurr, Sam Arellano, Hope Ballard Rock Canyon
Winner Home Elysa Veta, Ali Seaquist, Michaela Fullerton, Will Buffington Rock Canyon
Broadcast Profile/Feature Story
Winner Charlie Martin Dan Lindeen, David Laff, Michael Baer, Jens Johnson, Brandon Murphy Rock Canyon
Finalist Mitch Lombard Wyatt Tornabene Rock Canyon
Music Video
Winner Depravity Paige Von Bank Rock Canyon
Finalist Do You Wanna Make a Video Jamie Zurzolo, Riley Zehnle Rock Canyon
Finalist Wealthy Sam Hulsizer, Daniel Lindeen, Max Orgil Rock Canyon
Finalist My Own Sweet Time Christopher Almquist, Alex Barnes Legend
Winner A Colorful Library Paige Von Bank, Ally Harris, Amy England, Sam Arellano, Connor Corbett Rock Canyon
Finalist Air Freshener David Laff, Shane Drabing, Robert Falk, Brian Fredericksen Rock Canyon
Finalist Bullying Sydney Arvin, Britney Fuller, Noah Meurer, Brooke Owen, AJ Sbarra, Micah Ziegler Douglas County
School Broadcast
Winner Paige Von Bank, Riley Zehnle, Jaime Zurzolo Rock Canyon
Finalist Noah Szilagyi, Ryan Smiertelny, Jake Gill, Jacklyn Moore, David Moore, Destiny Buerge, Zach Burridge, Zach Pirog TRHS
Short Film Thriller/Action
Winner Dead and Breakfast Robert Falk, Paige Von Bank, David Laff, Brian Fredericksen, Shane Drabing, Kalle Sorbo Rock Canyon
Finalist Midnight Game Elysa Veta, Michaela Fullerton, Sara Cave, Mac Long, Andrew Junge, Matt VanWert Rock Canyon
Finalist The American Dream Logan Prieto, Pooya Aghanoury, Keith Lyons, Todd Conklin ThunderRidge
Short Film Comedy
Winner Super Magic Man Wesley Cassford, Tommy Michael, Andrew Thumann Rock Canyon
Finalist Chad vs Wild Pooya Aghanoury, Todd Conklin Jr TRHS
Finalist Dude who shrunk my friend? Spencer Ream Chaparral
Short Film - Drama
Winner Static Jackson Piersee, Armand Sadozai Douglas County
Finalist Fever Dream David Laff, Dan Lindeen, Robert Falk Rock Canyon
Finalist Unhinged Paige Von Bank, Connor Corbett, Brian Fredericksen, David Laff, Robert Falk Rock Canyon
Finalist Power of One Leah Hilleman, Sara Taylor Douglas County
Sporting Events
Winner Basketball Gannon Rushall, Sam Atlas, Gretchen Cope, Gabe Rodriguez Mountain Vista
Finalist Football time Daniel Lindeen, Paige Von Bank, Kirbi Spanbauer, Riley Zehnle Rock Canyon
Finalist Hockey Maleah Siegfried, Emily Adrid Mountain Vista
High School Video Teacher of the Year Jim McClurg Rock Canyon

Middle School Winners

7-Day Film
Winner Alien Delivery Christian Lau, Mikey Hardesty Mountain Ridge
Finalist Lights, Camera, Crash Hadley Donaldson, Kacey Johnson, Maddie Doyle, Michelyne Maestas, Sarah Pepper, Veronika Bruetting Ranch View
Finalist Fusion Alonso Daboub, Nick Quam Rocky Heights
Finalist One Last Memory Abby Roberts, Abbey Miller, Avery Burton Sierra
Winner Clay Luke Dreyfuss, Anna Markham Rocky Heights
Finalist 4 People you will meet in middle school Andre Nicholas, Gabe Jones, Ernest Duckworth, Alec Crosby Castle Rock
Finalist Escape from NASA Walker Farley, Robert Carter Castle Rock
Finalist The Amazing Lego Adventure of Spontaneous Awesome Drew Medina, DJ Carlson,Brennan Lindeman Mesa
Finalist Breakfast Nichole Byers, Tiffany Kim, Payton Lynch, Hailey McDowell Rocky Heights
Finalist SGMSTV 3D intro Natalie Hansel Sagewood
Broadcast Profile/Feature Story
Winner Abby Jensen Ellie Hill, Megan Sweeney, Ashley Mercer, Abby Jensen Rocky Heights
Finalist Archery Brittney Hutchison, Alyssa Boback, Courtney Lane, Katie Shanahan Rocky Heights
Finalist Jesse Beckwidth Alyssa Boback, Molly Steavpak Rocky Heights
Finalist Cresthill Library Samantha Barger, Olivia Berg, Michelle Ramirez, Taylor Tichy Cresthill
Finalist iLab Jessica Lauck, Harper Boggs, Kira Vanravensberg Mountain Ridge
Music Video
Winner Dollhouse Sydney Manning, Charlotte Wright, Mackenzie Stafford, Izzy Weiss Rocky Heights
Finalist 2050 Pacey Hansen, Sam Wieseler, Brody Laughlin Rocky Heights
Finalist Ski Intro Mitch Lukes Sagewood
Finalist Truce Shiloh Smithwick, Kailey Catanach Castle Rock
Winner Deaf Awareness Week Tristan Barajas, Abby Parobek, Lauren Sharpe Cresthill
Finalist R Word Jacob Vazquez, Ryan Foley, Conor Carmody, Nathan Boyd, Diego Pelayo Mesa
Finalist Words Luke Dreyfuss, Taylor Thomas, Porter Welch, Trent Zirker Rocky Heights
Finalist Buddy Buds Isabella Oldenburg, Aydra Jaten, Francy Davenport, Sophie Jones Castle Rock
School Broadcast
Winner News 2 Chase Matthews, Ryan Harper, Allison ketterer, Alex Huntzinger Cimarron
Finalist Alyssa Boback, Molly Steavpack, Ellie Hill, Brittney Hutchison, Courtney Lane,Megan Sweeney, Mikayla Devin, Abbey Nelson Rocky Heights
Finalist Conor Carmody, Jacob Vazquez, Ryan Foley and Diego Pelayo Mesa
Short Film Thriller/Action
Winner Beneath Pacey Hansen, Brody Laughlin, Sam Wieseler, Nick Stude Rocky Heights
Finalist The Teleporters Ryan Danyliw, Alexia Salley, Cameron O’Connor, Logan Baylor Castle Rock
Finalist Don’t Look Up Viyan Giri, Kylie Hutchison, Gabrielle Kuzma, Stas Sieron Rocky Heights
Short Film Comedy
Winner Geico Ellie Hill, Izzy Weiss, Mackenzie Stafford, Abbey Nelson Rocky Heights
Finalist If We Made the Movies Ethan McCraney, Nick Spooner Castle Rock
Finalist It’s always Sunny in Cresthill Episode 2 Tristan Barajas, Samantha Best, Cody DeNeui, Evan Schantini, Lauren Sharpe Cresthill
Short Film - Drama
Winner The Last Goodbye Abby Jensen, Ashley Mercer, Megan Sweeney, Ellie Hill Rocky Heights
Finalist Paper Cuts Hayden Sherry, Chase Matthews, Connor Bradley Cimarron
Finalist The One That Got Away Samantha Best, Elena DiCarlo, Riley Noth, Lauren Sharpe, Anna Wakefield Cresthill
Sporting Events
Winner CMS Basketball David Danitz, Nick Karl, Kaplan Lusha, Anna Wakefield Cresthill
Middle School Video Teacher of the Year Michael Hall Cresthill

Elementary School Winners

School Broadcast
Winner What Does the ROX Say? Haiden Cafiero, Morgan Lynch, Mallory Moore, Kylee Schadegg, Brody Wardenburg, Jordan Will Roxborough Intermediate
Finalist RSE News Crew Cate Sheahan, Brooke Lange, Gabriel Davis, Caden Brester, Paige Adams, Paige Casanova, Andrew Koening, Jackson Reinhiemer Redstone
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