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Superintendent File: DKC-R-2

District-related travel is defined as attendance at conferences, meetings, trainings etc. that require the employee to travel 100 miles beyond the employee’s normal commute. All costs associated with these functions, including registration fees, meals, lodging, etc., are borne by the District in accordance with the requirements of this regulation.

Employees who travel are responsible for obtaining necessary approval prior to departure or expenditure of District funds.  Travel requests shall be submitted to the supervisor for approval at least two weeks prior to the departure date.

Travel expenses not specifically noted below will not be reimbursed - a District procurement card or purchase order is the only acceptable payment method. If the traveler is not the P-card holder, a Credit/Debit authorization form is required by the hotel upon arrival.  This form shall be provided by the hotel and emailed to the P-card holder to be completed and send it back with authorization to use the P-card number for the hotel stay.

Employees are responsible for maintaining receipts (for tolls and/or parking) and submitting requests for reimbursement promptly upon your return. Without exception, all requests for travel reimbursement must be submitted to the Accounts Payable no later than 60 days after the month in which such expense was incurred.

Prepaid Travel Expenses (Procurement Card)

Payment for airfare, accommodations, and registration fees shall be finalized by your school or department via the use of a District procurement card or purchase order.  Employees are expected to return promptly when district business is completed, unless it is more economical to the District for the employee to remain overnight.  Employees who extend a trip for personal reasons are responsible for all expenses caused by the extended stay.

Travel using commercial transportation (bus, airplane, and train) should be completed at the minimum costs for achieving the purpose of the trip.  Arrangements may be made using an on-line service or with the assistance of a local travel agency (comparison shopping is recommended).  Any unused portions of airline tickets shall be returned immediately.  

Mileage reimbursement for out-of-state trips cannot exceed the cost of the same trip using commercial travel arrangements.  See mileage regulation DKC-R-1 for more information.


Meals (Travel Voucher Only No Procurement Card – Receipts not required)

Meals are reimbursed at the following rates:

          Breakfast         $10 (Guideline:  Trip between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m.)
          Lunch              $15 (Guideline:  Trip between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.)
          Dinner             $25 (Guideline:  Trip between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m.)

In traveling situations where three meals are required for the day, the reimbursement will not exceed $50 for the day, regardless of the individual meal costs.  If the travel does not require three meals for the day, then the reimbursement will be held to the guidelines indicated for the individual meals costs.  If more than one employee is traveling, each employee must complete their own travel voucher.

Where meals are included in the registration fee for a meeting, conference or convention, reimbursement for alternative eating arrangements will not be authorized unless special dietary needs cannot be accommodated otherwise.

Lodging (Procurement Card)

Lodging is allowable if and when the travel event is 100 miles beyond the employee’s normal commute and is pre-approved.  Lodging shall be prepaid using the procurement card. Again, if the traveler is not the P-card holder, a Credit/Debit authorization form is required by the hotel upon arrival.  This form shall be provided by the hotel and emailed to the P-card holder to be completed and sent back with authorization to use the P-card number for the hotel stay.

Only single occupancy rates are reimbursable. Original itemized lodging receipts are sufficient to document for Procurement card use.

Wi-Fi connection fees may be reimbursable with supervisor approval only when the connection is necessary to conduct District business.  

Incidental Transportation (Procurement Card when possible/Otherwise Travel Expense Voucher)

Travelers shall seek to obtain the most reasonable parking and ground transportation arrangements consistent with safety and travel timelines.  Airport shuttles or two round trip local mileage trips to and from the airport to drop off and pick-up a traveler in lieu of parking are reimbursable expenses. An original printed receipt is sufficient documentation for transportation reimbursements.

Rental cars are not to be purchased with District funds unless preapproved by a Superintendent Cabinet Member.

Please find the pre-approval form at:

Mileage or other transportation to dinner or entertainment while traveling on District business is not reimbursable.

Other Travel Expenses (Procurement Card when possible/Otherwise Travel Expense Voucher)

Other travel expenses i.e., parking, taxi fares, shuttle services, baggage fees, change fees and materials necessary during travel may be reimbursed.  All reimbursable expenses must be business-related and necessary for travel.

Documentation for other expenses can be in the form of original itemized cash receipts, original credit card receipts, original receipts indicating the check number used for payment, or in the case of taxi, faxes etc. an approved note indicating that a receipt was not available.

Non-Reimbursable Expenses (No use of Procurement Card or Employee Reimbursement)

The following expenses are not reimbursable, either by law or by the constraints of District policy:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Meals or snacks other than regular meals
  • Postage
  • Nonofficial school functions costs
  • Entertainment (including the cost of in-room movies)
  • Expenses for travel extending beyond the time required for the meeting or trip (unless it is in the district’s financial interest to extend the travel because of certain rate advantages)
  • Fines for parking or traffic violations
  • Purchase of tickets or passes for entertainment (i.e. sporting events, theatre, concerts, etc.)
  • Business cancellation or trip insurance
  • Expenses incurred by non-employee traveling with the authorized traveler (including room surcharges)


Forms used to request travel reimbursement allowed under this policy can be found online at under Accounts Payable

Adopted: August 28, 2016


DKC – Employee Expense Authorization

DKC-R-1 Employee Expense Authorization/Reimbursement - Mileage, Tolls and Parking
DKC-R-3 Employee Expense Authorization/Reimbursement - Travel with Students

DKC – E-1 Car Rental Pre-Approval Form
DKC – E-2 Travel Reimbursement Form
DKC – E–3 Mileage Reimbursement Form


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