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Eldorado Uses Acts of Kindness Week to Honor Local First Responders

HIGHLANDS RANCH - Eldorado Elementary School recently celebrated their third annual Acts of Kindness Week, but this year they used the week a little bit differently. The school wanted to spread that kindness to local everyday heroes that often go under-recognized.

Students recognized and supported local First Responders, including police, firefighters, and paramedics. Littleton Fire Station 18 came to the school to help children recognize that our First Responders are everyday people.

"One of the visiting fire fighters, Coleton Grothe, is actually an Eldorado alum," said Eldorado Co-Principal Katy Kollasch. "He assisted Chief Tyler Turley with a presentation that involved donning all fire gear, including the oxygen tank, showing our students that although their uniforms make them look a little different, firefighters are still regular people who will help them if they were in danger."

Throughout the week students were also introduced to Hands Only CPR by Rose Medical Center EMT, Rob Orozco. In addition, they discussed home safety plans with appropriate responses by Littleton Fire Rescue Life Safety Educator, Carla Ahrenholtz, as well as watching a presentation by Colorado Springs Firefighter Ubaldo Gomez, who is also a father of one of Eldorado's first grade students.

Approximately 400 thank you notes were written by Eldorado students and delivered to local firefighters, police and paramedics. Throughout the week students also donated over $600 for the Fallen Officer Fund.

Acts of Kindness Week at Eldorado Elementary was developed in partnership with the school's Parent Teacher Organization.

"It was developed with the belief that if community members would share something they are passionate about with our students, we will have the ability to create an amazing community and future generation," Kollasch said. 

Previous Acts of Kindness Weeks at Eldorado have provided hundreds of pairs of socks for homeless students in DCSD and hundreds of books for a local elementary school in a Pay it Forward project.




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