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District Accountability


School Accountability Committee

School Accountability

The District Accountability Committee is an advisory committee to the Board of Education, composed of parents, teachers, DCSD staff and community members. The DAC advises the Board of Education regarding spending priorities, and collects feedback from School Accountability Committees. School Accountability Committee members work closely with principals, helping to guide budgetary and other decision-making at the school. Each SAC works to increase parent engagement and provide feedback to District leaders. Click here for SAC information, responsibilities and helpful tips to increase parent involvement.


The Rest of the Story

Our parents are highly involved in our school communities. Please check out "The Rest of the Story" page for factual information that can help inform your discussions.


Happening Now

I am privileged to work with an amazing group of parents, staff, teachers and principals! We have a fantastic, caring community of people here in Douglas County. I hope all of you recognize that and dwell upon so many of the positive attributes of our community.

The School Accountability Committee. More affectionately known as SAC. So many parents have no idea what this committee does or how they may be able to contribute and volunteer. But in reality, those of us who serve on SACs  known  they are missing a valuable resource afforded to us.

I hope you have a safe, memorable and refreshing break and that your goodbye to 2015 brings reflection and gratitude; and the anticipation of 2016 brings you hope and expectancy.
Sped Model Phase In
Parents of students in Douglas County School District have reached out for more information about a new model of providing service to special education students in the district who require support through moderate needs programming.
Open Enrollment Window starts November 1 through December 1

Click this link for more Open Enrollment information!

As the parent of a DCSD student and the Parent Liaison for the District, I know how difficult it is to understand the many education terms and acronyms.  I also know they can be a source of confusion and frustration.

The state funding model, the negative factor and the impact to DCSD.
Observing the overwhelming population growth in Douglas County, it's easy to conclude that many new residents are likely not native to Colorado or to Douglas County. Other Colorado natives may not have paid much attention to school finance issues and are beginning to see the effects of the lack of funding provided to the school district by the State of Colorado.

Here’s to hoping my copious notes from last night’s Applying to College class were effective. I guess I’ll have to refer to my Organization and Study Skills worksheets to put this blog together.

Are you tired of the frustration and sometimes arguing that comes with helping your student with homework? Do you constantly try to work with your child but feel like you are in two different worlds?

The churning clouds and thunder outside the Wilcox Building put on a captivating display during this month’s District Accountability Meeting (DAC).

If you’re anything like me, when it comes to children, most silence is not golden. I want to know details, follow how they are doing in school, make sure they are in class, know who they hang out with – basically everything parents need to know to ensure their child is happy, healthy, and on the right track.

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Back to school! The all too short summer is over! Time to get back into the routine of drop offs, pick-ups and homework help! For me, the first day wasn’t as smooth as I had hoped. My son just began his freshman year with the jitters and an allergic reaction to, well, Colorado. Tomorrow will be better! 

We know that students perform best when their families play an active role in their education. That is why the Douglas County School District encourages parents and guardians to get informed and involved.

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DOUGLAS COUNTY – The schools in Douglas County School District (DCSD) provide many options for children who have a variety of learning styles. Another factor that contributes to student success is access to sufficient health care.

Parent University

February was Teen Dating Violence Awareness month and Parent University offered a class to help parents identify the warning signs of relationship violence. 

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The top take-aways from Parent University’s class on Organization and Study Skills, provided by Learning Foundations of Centennial.

DOUGLAS COUNTY – Through a special partnership with Microsoft, we are proud to announce that all Douglas County School District students and staff will be able to download Office 365 free of charge, for use at home.