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DCSD believes that every student is unique.
Each child has different interests, strengths and challenges. With over 80 schools, there are many options available to DCSD students.


Below is just a sample of some of the educational programs found in our schools.



Matching children to the best learning environment 
creates the highest probability of success.

No matter the choice, DCSD is committed to excellence. Whether a parent chooses a school with an emphasis like Artful Learning, Expeditionary Learning, or International Baccalaureate, or opts for an excellent comprehensive neighborhood school, each DCSD student will learn and demonstrate the world class outcomes and skills found in our new
 World-Class Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum (GVC).


Partnering with parents.
We know that no one understands the unique qualities of each of our students better than their parents. That is why DCSD is committed to working with students' families to select the best school and learning environment for each student.

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EmpowerED Choices school selector tool

Empowering our professionals.
We believe matching employees to a learning model or school creates a level of synergy not found in historic models. This creates the highest probability of success for all.



Choice is being infused into every new innovation.
We filter all of our ideas strategies through the lens of choice by asking ourselves the question, "Does this innovation model our belief in choice?" This allows us to stay true to our belief in empowering parents, students and professionals.

Read more about Choice in our Strategic Plan. See stories about Choice on our Choice news feed.