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Colorful dark sky with a near-full eclipse of the sun.

Planning is already underway to ensure that students can experience this unique event. We are asking our staff to take precautionary measures if they plan to involve their students in this amazing experience, to ensure the safety of all involved. Students will be instructed not to look at the partially or even near-fully eclipsed sun with the naked eye.  Additionally, homemade filters or ordinary sunglasses—even very dark ones—are not safe for looking at the sun.


student speaking at podium, teacher looking at her proudly.

The Boettcher Foundation recently honored 42 Colorado teachers for the significant impact they have had on some of Colorado’s top students – with five of the teachers coming from the Douglas County School District. Every year, the Boettcher Foundation allows each scholarship recipient to acknowledge the teacher who has had the greatest impact on the student’s life. During a special ceremony at the Denver Botanic Gardens, each Boettcher Scholar shared moving stories and thoughtful remarks about his or her teacher.

Large group of middle school students walking on an outdoor field.

All Douglas County School District (DCSD) Middle Schools are gaining an additional full-time counselor this year thanks to a recent grant awarded by the State of Colorado totaling nearly $900,000. Each counselor will have a specific focus on school culture and prevention related to mental health and substance abuse. Additionally, the grant includes funds awarded to each middle school for evidence-based prevention programs and activities.

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