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Superintendent File: IKA

A.  Balanced Assessment

The evaluation of student performance requires a comprehensive system that identifies strengths and needs, monitors progress and evaluates outcomes.  The district balanced assessment system is intended to address several goals: a) to provide meaningful performance feedback to teachers and students to ensure student growth, b) to have reliable evaluation of student performance that impact curricular, instructional and system improvement, and c) to communicate performance outcomes to all stakeholders.  The system is comprised of multiple assessment practices that are designed to be in compliance with district policies and all state and federal testing mandates.

Assessment practices include authentic measures, formative assessment practices, interim measures of growth and summative measures of outcomes, with a variety of locally developed assessments as well as external standardized tests.  Normed standardized testing provides a point of reference which allows the schools to compare their own performance to that of other schools, the district to other districts, as well as that of the state.  All assessments are aligned to intended outcomes defined by the district curriculum and state academic standards.  Assessment tools provide for the documentation of both individual student progress and system performance.  The balanced assessment system results in a body of evidence that provides a comprehensive view of performance. 

B.  Assessment Development, Administration and Management

District assessment practices are designed in such a way as to accurately measure student performance, with particular attention to eliminating bias or barriers that will interfere with an accurate demonstration of performance.  All students are given the opportunity to participate in district assessment activities, either in the regular format or a modified format as appropriate to their needs as defined by an education plan.  District staff will administer all assessments in accordance with federal, state and district laws and policies. All district staff, students and parents will follow the ethical requirements of assessment administration and use of results.

C.  Use of Assessment Information

District assessment information provides data about individual student performance as well as for use in the evaluation of all levels of the system.  District assessment data is made available to the system through a variety of local and state mechanisms.  Assessment results are shared with the public as part of the performance evaluation of the schools and district.  The district follows security regulations to ensure the confidentiality of individual testing results and reports.  Data is used for curriculum development and evaluation, program development and evaluation, measuring progress toward board goals, budgeting decisions, and developing improvement plans at the classroom, building, and district level when needed.

Adopted:  February 6, 1979
Revised:  August 17, 1993
Repealed by the Board and re-enacted and revised by the Superintendent: April 20, 2004
Revised: September 6, 2012
Revised: September 12, 2013
Revised: November 11, 2015