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District Art Show highlights amazing student artists, 4C’s

CASTLE ROCK – Over the weekend the giant white tent at the Outlets at Castle Rock was bustling with activity, as parents, students and community members gathered to admire the artwork created by Douglas County School District students and teachers.

In fact on the evening of Friday April 11, it is estimated that more than 3,000 people attended a reception in honor of the artists.

“It was really exciting and the energy was high and strong,” explained Cogburn. “We wanted it to feel like a celebration, a gala or an extravaganza.”

The 2014 District Art Show included more than 2,000 pieces of art, including drawings, paintings and sculptures, created by students ranging from kindergartners to seniors in high school.

The event was organized by art teachers Pam Cogburn of Renaissance Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound School and Kim Chlumsky of Rocky Heights Middle School, as well as the Art Curriculum Advisory Team (ACAT). Cogburn says they decided to bring the full K-12 spectrum into one place, so that visitors could see the growth of DCSD students.

The work was exquisite.

“[There was] amazing technique, craftsmanship and creativity coming out of all levels,” Cogburn said.

Even the youngest artists seemed to shine in the exhibit, which ended on Sunday.

“They can do a lot more than people think they can do. They are little sponges,” Cogburn said.

Looking at the entire show, she says that it is evident that DCSD students are mastering the 4C’s.

“It is apparent that creativity is involved in [the artwork], but the kids have to critically think through the process and the choices they make,” Cogburn explained. “The communication is huge. They’re trying to communicate a personal point of view, a story." 

This year a collaborative piece, produced by Mammoth Heights and their art teacher Donnamarie Doll, won an award.

“The student worked really hard to make a unified piece. It was amazing,” Cogburn said. 

She says the show is a great authentic assessment, providing students an opportunity to convey their artist vision to a real audience—the community.

Students received awards for their artistic achievements from Air Academy Federal Credit Union, RMCAD, and the Outlets at Castle Rock.

Below are lists of the winners selected during the event:
2014 District Middle School Awards
2014 District High School Awards
2014 Academy Federal Credit Union Elementary WOW! Awards
2014 Academy Federal Credit Union High School Awards
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design Scholarships
The Outlets at Castle Rock Choice Awards

Artwork was judged by people working in the art field from throughout Colorado. Judges used criteria based on 21st century learning, state standards and the art GVC’s. One judge from the Denver Art Museum, who has judged the show for the past three years, noticed positive growth in our art programs.

While the event was a huge success, Mother Nature decided to bring it to an early close with a heavy wet snow.  While organizers had been assured that the tent was weatherproof, snowmelt and humidity seeped into the tent as a storm moved in. 

“ I was horrified when I came in Sunday morning. The artwork was buckling because of the humidity,” Cogburn said.

Next year, organizers will be looking for a venue inside that is still large enough to showcase all of the students work from kindergarten to high school.

The Art Curriculum Advisory Team (ACAT) includes Kim D'Arthenay of Soaring Hawk Elementary, Wendy Wilson of Timber Trail Elementary, Patty Hayes of Ponderosa High School, Sue Silverman of Thunderridge High School, Deborah Hegarty of Pine Lane Elementary, Kennetha Miller of Sage Canyon Elementary and Justyna Butler of Lone Tree Elementary.

ACAT would like to thank art teachers across the District, the Douglas County Educational Foundation, Outlets at Castle Rock, Academy Federal Credit Union, DCSD’s Operations & Maintenance Team and the volunteers that watched over the show from early morning to late evening.

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