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Superintendent Policy: KHC-R

Distribution of School/District Related Materials

“School/District related materials” are defined as those materials covered under numbers 1-3 defined below in this paragraph.

Principals shall allow the following school-related materials to be distributed and/or carried home by students:

1)  those prepared and/or sponsored by the school, a member of the instructional staff, the school district or a district official, or the School Board;
2)  those prepared and/or sponsored by a PTA/PTO organization, a booster club, or other school-established organization; and
3)  those prepared by a government entity.

Information from entities included in paragraphs 2 and 3 must clearly identify sponsorship, and provide a telephone number so that responsible individuals may respond to questions.

Eligibility and Distribution Procedures for Non-School/District Related Materials

“Non-School/District related materials” are defined as those materials NOT covered under numbers 1-3 defined above.

A.  Eligibility for Non-School/District Related Materials.

1)  Distribution to Multiple Schools.  Non-school organizations and/or persons wishing to make mass distribution of materials to elementary and secondary school students must submit the materials to the Communications Department for approval, make necessary copies and provide them to the school with KHC-E approval form attached to be eligible for distribution in accordance with this policy and regulation.

2)  Distribution to a Particular School. Non-school organizations and/or persons wishing to distribute materials to a particular elementary and secondary school must submit the materials to the school Principal for approval and make necessary copies to be eligible for distribution in accordance with this policy and regulation.

3)  Viewpoint Neutral. Regardless of viewpoint, fliers and other community materials must be related to the schools’ educational mission, directed to students or their families, not disruptive to the educational process, age-appropriate, and not otherwise violate Board of Education or Superintendent Policies/Procedures.

4)  Advance Permission. All eligible fliers and other community materials, whether approved by Communications or by the principal, must have approval 48 hours in advance of proposed distribution.

5)  Questions. Questions about eligibility and distribution should go to the school principal and then to the District’s Communications Department.

B.  Distribution Procedures for Non-School/District Related Materials.

1)  During School Hours.  Representatives of organizations shall not be permitted in school buildings or on school grounds during school hours to distribute materials except as allowed by Superintendent Policy KHC and KF Community Use of School Facilities.

a)  Principals shall determine distribution options for these organizations by the first day of school each year.

b)  Acceptable examples of distribution options available for principals may include: making flyers available on the school’s community information table or area; designation by principals of at least one date at the beginning of the school year and the calendar year when they will send materials of organizations home with students (the dates for this option may be the second week of September and the second week of January); or regular distribution in school students’ take-home folders.

c)  Option(s) the principal selects shall be made available to all organizations on a non-discriminatory basis so long as the materials are consistent with ¶ A.3 above. Principals may not refuse to distribute eligible materials in accordance with the option selected on the basis of the viewpoint expressed.

2) During Non-school Hours.  During non-school hours, including at Back-to-School Nights, organizations may have access to school buildings as allowed by this and other Superintendent Policies/Procedures, state statutes, and municipal ordinances.  

The principal may control access to school grounds and limit the time, place and manner of distribution of materials on school grounds, as the principal deems necessary to protect the integrity of the learning environment as well as the school’s safety and order, so long as the principal enforces this provision on a non-discriminatory basis.

C.  Restrictions.

1)  Place – Distribution of printed non-curricular, non-district/school materials must be made at places within the school or on school grounds in accordance with this policy except that in no event may such materials be distributed in any classroom of any building then being occupied by a regularly scheduled class.

2) Time – Distribution may be made one-half hour before school and/or during regularly scheduled lunch periods and/or 15 minutes after the close of school or other times as designated by the principal. Any other times during the school day are considered to be disruptive of normal school activities.

3  Littering – All distributed items discarded in school or on school grounds must be removed by the persons distributing such materials.

4)  Distributors – Students may not be used as agents for distribution of such materials without the written consent of the student’s parent or guardian.

5)  Manner – No student may be compelled or coerced to accept any materials being distributed by any person nor shall school.

6)  Violation – Violation of any of the policies and regulations will be sufficient cause for denial of the privilege to distribute materials at future dates, subject to the right of appeal stated herein.

7)  Required Disclaimer - To ensure that schools remain neutral, do not appear to approve or disapprove any particular religious or political viewpoint, and do not sponsor or endorse the classes or activities sponsored by any community organization, all non-school materials made available through the schools shall include the following disclaimer:

These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Douglas County School District, its Board, the Superintendent, or this school.

8)  Appeal – Any person or persons denied approval for distribution of materials may appeal the decision in accordance with Public Complaints Policy KE.

E.  Other School Communication Facilities

1)  Email and Phone - Non-school personnel may not engage in using the District’s email and phone systems through Infinite Campus.

2)  Parent Portal and School Websites – Non-district personnel may not engage in using the District’s Parent Portal and School Websites unless prior permission is given by the school principal and the District’s Communication Department.

3)  Mailroom and/or Warehouse – Non-school personnel may not engage in the use of the District’s mail and warehouse delivery systems unless prior permission is given by the Mailroom/Warehouse Manager and the District’s Communications Department.

ADOPTED: February 16, 2010


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