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Superintendent Policy: KHC

School district communication facilities are reserved for use by school staff in carrying out the school district’s educational mission. There are, however, circumstances in which cooperation with other organizations may be appropriate. In order to appropriately preserve the school district's communication facilities for the intended purpose of educating the children of the district, this policy sets out the circumstances under which school communication facilities may be used by third parties.

The Superintendent shall permit school-related materials to be carried home by students when such materials are prepared and/or sponsored by the school, instructional staff, the school district or district official, the School Board; or a PTA/PTO organization, a booster club, or other school-established organizations; or another government entity.

Non-Profit Organizations and/or persons may provide schools with information about their youth activities and programs, which the schools will make available on a non-discriminatory basis to students and their parents, to the extent practicable and in accordance with referenced Superintendent Regulation KHC-R.

At no time shall “unacceptable” material be considered or allowed.  The following shall be considered “unacceptable” material:

1)  So-called “hate” literature that attacks particular groups such as ethnic, religious or racial groups.

2)  Material that promotes hostility, disorder or violence.

3)  Material designed for commercial purposes - advertising a product or service available – unless the material itself has educational value, is appropriate and meant for a K-12 audience, and the commercial message is a secondary consideration.

4)  Material that is libelous, invades the rights of others or inhibits the functioning of the school, or advocates interference with the rights of any individual or with the normal operation of the school.

5)  Material which in any way promotes, favors or opposes the candidacy of any candidate for election, or the adoption of any bond issues proposal, or any public question submitted at any general, municipal or school election. The prohibition shall not apply on any election day or special election when the school is being used as a polling place.

6)  Material that is profane, obscene or pornographic as defined by prevailing community standards throughout the district.

This policy governs non-curricular and non-district related materials and is not intended to interfere with the prerogative of teachers to supplement and enrich text and reference book materials used in their courses with materials which are timely and up to date.

ADOPTED:  November 28, 2005
REVISED: February 16, 2010


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