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DCSD U launches with online language courses

DOUGLAS COUNTY – A convenient, flexible option is now available for adults and students in Douglas County who have an interest in bettering themselves through online courses.

This fall, eDCSD Colorado Cyber School introduced DCSD U, a virtual learning environment, which organizers say will eventually provide a variety of courses for parents, students and DCSD employees. The program launched in September with the foreign language acquisition course--Discover Languages – Discover the World.

Through an innovative partnership with Rosetta Stone, Douglas County families and school district staff members can learn a language of their choice for one year, via a discounted personal Rosetta Stone online account.

Currently, eighty people are enrolled in the Discover Languages course, which offers a choice of 25 languages.

eDCSD World Language Specialist Kathy Duran is thrilled to see so many participants. “It is truly exciting to see the enthusiasm that people have expressed about this opportunity,” she said. “The program is very robust, has great voice recognition technology and is offered for a full year at a reasonable cost.”

Interest in a variety of languages appeared in the first round of registrations: Spanish (offered in both Latin American and Spain versions), German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Dutch, Chinese, and French have been selected for the online learning accounts.

The instruction provided by Rosetta Stone is not eligible for school credit or relicensure credit; the intent of the course is to provide an avenue for personal growth, said Duran.

Duran has heard many reasons about why people are embracing this opportunity: “I want to be able to communicate with parents who speak other languages,” said one teacher. “I want to learn the language that my child is learning at school,” shared a parent. She has also been told “I want to travel!” and “I want to learn a language from my heritage.”

Additional enrollment windows planned

The September kick-off was the first of three enrollment periods for Discover Languages – Discover the World. There will be an opportunity for enrollment in November, and again in February 2014.

Duran understands that learning a new language can be a daunting, and she is planning an information night to answer questions and provide more details about learning online. The meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, October 28 at Lone Tree Elementary School.
Languages to choose from:

Arabic Hebrew Portuguese (Brazil)
Chinese (Mandarin) Hindi Russian
Dutch Irish Spanish (Latin America)
English (American) Italian Spanish (Spain)
English (British) Japanese Swedish
Filipino (Tagalog) Korean Turkish
French Latin Vietnamese
German Persian (Farsi)  
Greek Polish  

Registration fee: $70 which includes access to a personal Rosetta Stone online account for one language; access to the online account is available 24/7 for 12 months upon date of activation.

Upcoming registration periods:

  Fall 2013 Spring 2014
Registration open November 1 February 3
Registration closed November 22 February 24
Course opens online December 6 March 3

The future of DCSD U

eDCSD Principal Sohne Van Selus expects to offer more courses for parents and other stakeholders, eventually.

“The partnership with Rosetta Stone is a pilot; we have a vision to make more content available that is meaningful to parents in our community,” Van Selus said.

Van Selus and her team are on the lookout for other partnerships and opportunities to bring additional topics to DCSD U. For additional information, email sohne.vanselus[at]dcsdk12[dot]org.

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