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DCSD dominates Verizon App Challenge for 5th consecutive year

STEM students pose

Cimarron wins 'Best-in-State' and STEM School and Academy wins 'Best-in-Region.' Your vote is needed now for Best-in-Nation.

CASTLE ROCK - Two Douglas County schools have kept the streak alive. For the fifth consecutive year, Douglas County School District (DCSD) students have taken home top titles in the Verizon App Challenge. Cimarron Middle School and STEM School and Academy were both named 'Best-in-State' and STEM additionally earned 'Best-in-Region.' 

Five years ago, Rock Canyon High School won the inaugural Verizon App Challenge. It was one of ten schools chosen to work with an MIT professor to develop and release their App concept. Since then, DCSD has perennially claimed the Best of State honor at either the middle or high school level. This year the District claimed both.

Above: STEM School students. 

Left: Cimarron Middle School students.


DCSD Best in State Honorees
Cimarron Middle School (middle school honoree), STEM School and Academy (high school honoree & Best-in-Region Honoree)
2016 Rock Canyon (high school honoree)
2015 Cimarron Middle School (middle school honoree)
2014 Ranch View Middle School (middle school honoree)
2013 Rock Canyon – National Champions

This year, students at Cimarron, inspired by their annual Veterans Day ceremony, designed the Care Packager app, which allows users to ship items needed and requested by men and women serving in the armed forces. Meanwhile, STEM School and Academy students designed the "We the People" app, which would provide reliable, unbiased sources for all major national and world news.

Fans can go here to vote for either school to advance in the challenge. As one of only 24 ‘Best in Region’ winners, STEM has a shot at the ‘Best in Nation’ prize, which comes with the chance to develop their idea “We The People” into a working smartphone app. The ‘Best in Nation’ prize comes with an additional $15,000 grant and a visit to the school from a team of MIT students that will help build the app. The idea behind “We The People” is to allow the public to screen out unreliable news sources. 

Fans and community members can still vote for Cimarron Middle School to be named the contest ‘Fan Favorite,’ as well.

LEARN MORE & VOTE: Verizon App Challenge Best in State


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