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DC Student Support Center

Student Population 

The DC Student Support Center is a voluntary 9 week credit retrieval and transition program intended to support students expelled or at-risk of expulsion for behavior, truancy and/or substance abuse issues. 


Program Description 

Students enrolled in this program attend for approximately seven hours each day and receive instruction from certified teachers and social workers in the areas of character ed, empathy, anger management and social skills.  In addition to regular classroom instruction and online academics, students meet with a contracted mental health and/or substance abuse counselor for an average of 4 hours each week.  In order to provide family support and continue strengthening family bonds, Parent Empowerment classes are required twice during each session and progress meetings are offered on alternating Mondays.  Students participate in a variety of hands-on educational and career learning experiences and are supported by numerous community partnerships.  The goal of the program is to assist in removing individual barriers so that students are more available for learning.


Application Process 

In order to best serve Douglas County families, the Center maintains small class sizes.  To be eligible for acceptance, the student must complete an interview process, agree to voluntarily comply with rules of the Center, and have up-to-date enrollment at a Douglas County School.  Students, who may need additional support beyond offerings at the Center, will be placed on a waitlist before they are considered for admittance. To make an appointment for an interview, please call 303-387-0700.

Credit Retrieval
Focus on Student and Family Resiliency
Critical Thinking and Goal Setting Embedded into Curriculum
Career Development
Empathy, Character, Social Skills and Anger Management Classes
Weekly Mental Health and Substance Abuse Classes
Program Recognized on a State and Federal Level
GED Prep Available Upon Request


Stakeholder Quotes

  • From a student: "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a student at the Center.  It gave me hope and stopped me from giving up when I saw no light at the end of the tunnel.  I will cherish everything I've learned from the Support Center and am extremely grateful for all of your help to get into college”.

  • From a student: “Thank you so much for heading me in the right direction and believing in me…”

  • From a parent: “My husband and I both believe that our son’s time at the Support Center has been instrumental to any success he is enjoying in high school.  It took all of the efforts from everyone to help set him on his path for success.”

  • From a parent: “…I want you to know that A. is still doing great!  It was a ton of blessings and all the right people being placed in her life at just the right time that helped her.  All the love and protection that you gave my daughter helped me even more.  You all made both of us stronger and I can’t thank you enough.”

  • From a school counselor: “I wanted to let you know how well T. is doing this year.  I am amazed at her change of attitude and work ethic – she has almost all A’s and B’s and is attending school on a regular basis (a HUGE change from last year). I asked her today why the big change and she immediately spoke about the Support Center and how much it helped her.  In my 20 years of education I’ve rarely seen such dramatic change in a kid!  Keep up the good work…”

  • From a grandparent:  “Through the Center’s unique, overall educational management program they got P. back on track academically, socially and emotionally.  Each of the staff excelled in their respective job functions and are very caring individuals who go to great lengths in making sure each student receives the proper attention and guidance in the areas of greatest individual concern.   Thanks again to the Support Center Team.”



  • Student Support Center staff, Janet Laning Krug and Deb Kaufman, have written and received grant funding in excess of 2.2 million dollars for adolescent prevention efforts in Douglas County School District.

  • Student Support Center programming outcomes have gained local, state and national attention which include a visit from the White House Office of National Control Drug Policy in October 2009.

Tutoring Centers

To sign up for tutoring sessions, please use the following links.

Castle Rock Tutoring Center

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