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What school leaders are saying about Explore. Learn. Collaborate.

Principals and Assistant Principals around Douglas County School District are abuzz about Explore. Learn. Collaborate., an exciting new professional development opportunity open to all DCSD teachers and staff June 6-9.

Explore. Learn. Collaborate. is a hybrid of previous programs like Create Something Great, Teacher Summer Work Sessions, Literacy Training, and specialized trainings offered by Personalized Learning.

“This is a great opportunity for you to choose your own adventure in professional development. So if you are a gen ed teacher wanting to take some classes about assessment, or if you are an EA and wanting to take a CPR class, then this is the chance for you to do that,” says Jen Bass, Assistant Principal of Meadow View Elementary.

Erin Carlson, Principal of South Ridge Elementary, says, “There will be a bunch of sessions presented by teachers for teachers—how great is that! You’ll be receiving PGI credit and also relicensure, and this is the last chance this school year to get that. Over 200 people have already signed up.”

Over at Wildcat Mountain Elementary, Principal Molly Milley says, “at our school, we are passionate about cultivating passionate hearts and minds and one of the things we are focusing on is finding that perfect balance between foundation and innovation. I think Explore. Learn. Collaborate is going to be a perfect opportunity to build the tools in all of those toolboxes.”

“It’s about content, curriculum, personalization, differentiated instruction, CPI, and CPR, just to name a few,” says Douglas County High School Principal, Tony Kappas. “Get out there and get excited!”

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April 17, 2017 | By CSilberman | Category: Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Growth

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