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Learning Academy is Here

As educators, sometimes it is hard to find time to continue our own education. With grading after school, meetings, and life in general getting in the way, setting aside time for personal & professional growth often times gets put on the back burner.

In this digital age, professional learning opportunities like MOOCs, twitter chats, and webinars are gaining in popularity as a way for educators to access professional development.  As a district, we wanted to provide a way for DCSD educators to get their hands and brains on just right, just in time, and just for you learning.  

Through collaboration with teachers, administrators, and district departments, Learning Academy was born. With this resource, educators can sit back, relax, and learn from the comfort of their own home.

Learning Academy is an on-demand learning platform that is chock-full of a variety of ways to learn and thousands of resources for DCSD staff.  For example, if you wanted to find some reading comprehension strategies that you could use in your classroom, here are just some of the resources at your disposal:

Check out the video below about getting started exploring topics of interest for you.


Educators around the district have already explored Learning Academy as a professional growth tool. Carmen De Tata, an English as Second Language teacher at Douglas County High School, shared her thoughts on Learning Academy.

“This is really going to help teachers...This is our go-to for professional development.”

Join Carmen and many other teachers and leaders by using Learning Academy for your own professional learning and growth.

For more information, contact any member of Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Growth or check out the Learning Academy and other resources, including curriculum frameworks on CIPG’s website.


Visit the Learning Academy website at

January 22, 2018 | By CSilberman | Category: Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Growth

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