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A Culture of Learning

Learning happens on a daily basis in DCSD, whether it is a kindergartner developing foundational reading skills or a senior analyzing the effects of herbicide on zebrafish embryos.  In DCSD, these authentic learning opportunities do not stop with the students. Teachers and leaders throughout the district are learning on a daily basis through Professional Learning Community (PLC) days, embedded professional development, and a variety of course offerings.

Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Growth has partnered with teachers and leaders to cultivate a culture of learners serving learners in order to inspire educational excellence, and that journey to excellence is hard at work in schools across the district.

At Saddle Ranch Elementary, learning is truly a journey.  Dr. Jennifer Malouff and the SRE staff have been hard at work as learners to enhance their literacy practices. This year it has brought a renewed emphasis on writing.


It’s not just Saddle Ranch; Steve Getchell and the staff at Copper Mesa are going places with literacy as well.  They are focusing on the work of Jan Richardson, especially The Next Steps Forward in Guided Reading.


Both of these schools have partnered with Curriculum, Instruction, & Professional Growth in order to bring best practices in literacy to the teacher-learners in their buildings.  

As those two schools are focusing on literacy, a few others are focusing on Design Thinking as a way to enhance the learning process for their students. Recently, Josh Miller & Molly Milley got together to plan a multi-school professional development day around Design Thinking.


A variety of classes were offered for teachers and leaders on September 22nd.  Molly Milley and her team enjoyed digging into Design Thinking in a manageable way and were able to walk away with ideas to use the next day.  


This learning opportunity wasn’t just for elementary learners.  The EDGE program at Legend High School felt rejuvenated and reassured after listening to A.J. Juliani.


As Learners Serving Learners, the Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Growth team is happy to collaborate with buildings, teams, departments, and cohorts to help support our culture of learning in DCSD.

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October 16, 2017 | By CSilberman | Category: Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Growth

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