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Superintendent File: IGA-R

The Board expects its educators to teach District objectives and support all students in meeting the defined targets of the District’s guaranteed and viable curriculum. However, flexibility of program and personnel, within guidelines, should be possible within individual buildings. Course proposals may originate from teachers, administrators, students, or citizens.

Course Proposals

The course proposal must include the following information:

  1. GOALS
    1. How does this course relate to District goals and World Class Education Learning Targets?
    2. What is the rationale or need for the program?
    3. What overall tasks do we expect to accomplish?
    4.  How does this change fit into our overall program?
    5. What courses precede and follow the proposed course?
    What specific skills, concepts, and attitudes do we wish to develop?

    What planning and development will be necessary to implement the proposed curriculum?

    What physical arrangement (buildings, equipment, room, land) is necessary in order to support the learning activities of the program?

    1. What additions to the present staff are needed and/or what special training and experiences are necessary for the curriculum to be implemented?
    2. What is the estimated three-year budget (in detail) for the program?
    What evaluation techniques will be used to assess whether or not the objectives have been accomplished?

Course proposals will be submitted to the Chief Academic Officer no later than January 1, if the course is to be considered for implementation in the following school year.

After a proposal is submitted, an ad hoc curriculum committee will be established, consisting of the Assistant Superintendent, Chief Academic Officer, building administrator(s) of the school(s) involved, and a department chairperson (or another member of the department) from each secondary school. After reviewing the proposal, the curriculum committee will then make a recommendation to the superintendent within 30 days.

The Chief Academic Officer will make a decision no later than February 15.


Revised:  April 20, 2004
Revised:  June 21, 2005
Revised:  May, 2012