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Board File: IGA

The Board is legally responsible for approving all courses of study in the District. Proposed changes, modifications, additions, and deletions to the District’s curriculum may be considered by the Board upon its own initiative or the recommendation of the Superintendent. In addition, the Board, upon recommendation of the Superintendent, will purchase and furnish necessary textbooks, learning materials, supplies and equipment.

The curriculum is under continuous scrutiny and study to respond to the changing needs of the students and the community. As the Board’s chief executive officer, the Superintendent is responsible for coordinating the educational offerings in each building and among buildings and grade levels in order to provide a curriculum appropriate to the age, intellectual ability, and post high school interests of the students enrolled.

When a new course is being considered, or an existing course is being revised, the professional staff is responsible for developing an outline of the proposed course, including (but not limited to) the objectives, scope, and suggested sequence of course content, texts to be used, reading lists, and suggested teaching aids and learning activities. Each course outline will be considered by the Board upon the recommendation of the Superintendent. The Board may accept or reject any part of the proposal, any of the materials to be used, or any other detail of the plan.

The Superintendent is hereby authorized to enact regulations to support this policy.


Portions adopted prior to 1974
Revised on the basis of practice: date of manual adoption
Revised: April 20, 2004
Revised:  May, 2012


C.R.S. 22-32-109(1)(t)
C.R.S. 22-32-110(l)(o), (p), (q), (r)

IJ and subcodes (all relate to instructional materials)
KEC, Public Complaints About Learning Resources

Superintendent File IGA-E Course Proposal Form

Note: The District periodically compiles and publishes instructional manuals for the teaching of particular subjects. These curriculum guides and course outlines are on file at the District administration office.