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Superintendent File: EGAD

The District recognizes that copyright laws make it illegal to duplicate copyrighted materials without permission, except for certain exempt purposes. The District further realizes that severe penalties are provided for unauthorized copying of audio, visual, or printed materials unless the copying falls within the bounds of the “fair-use” doctrine. The District therefore informs all personnel that unauthorized reproduction and/or use of copyrighted materials is illegal and unethical, and that violations of the copyright laws may result in criminal or civil suits and/or suspension or dismissal from employment.

To protect staff members and the District’s schools against legal redress for alleged violations of the copyright laws, the person making the reproduction must be certain that the action is within the law. When an individual is not certain, he or she should contact the building principal in order to ascertain whether copying falls under “permitted use.”  If it does not, the principal may request permission to reproduce materials from copyright holders.

Requests to reproduce copyrighted materials on District equipment will not be honored unless the reproduction is legally permissible.

Current practice codified 1978

Adopted: date of manual adoption
Repealed by the Board and re-enacted and revised by the Superintendent: September 2, 2003