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Board File: EEAEAA


The District is committed to the safe operation of all District commercial motor vehicles. Use of controlled substances and misuse of alcohol impairs an employee’s ability to perform safely on the job, which may result in increased safety risks, hazards to the public, employee injuries, and impaired decision-making.  In accordance with the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act of 1991 and the Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration Rule, the District recognizes the significance of conducting controlled substance and alcohol tests to prevent accidents and injuries resulting from the misuse of alcohol or the use of controlled substances by operators of commercial motor vehicles.


This policy applies to all employees, including part-time, temporary, substitute, and contract workers who are required to hold a Colorado commercial driver’s license (CDL), who may be required to perform safety-sensitive functions, and who work in the following Departments:

  1. Transportation: Bus Driver, Mechanic, Trainer, any employee who holds a CDL license for District purposes;
  2. Warehouse: Delivery person, any employee who holds a CDL license for District purposes;
  3. Operations and Maintenance: Heavy Equipment Operator, any employee who holds a CDL license for District purposes.

This policy also applies to all applicants for employment into positions requiring a CDL, including current District employees seeking transfer into such positions.

Controlled Substance and Alcohol Testing Liaison

The Director of Risk Management has been designated by the District as the liaison to answer any questions regarding the requirements of this controlled substance and alcohol testing policy and regulation.  The liaison can be reached at the Douglas County Schools Administration Building, 620 Wilcox Street, Castle Rock, Colorado 80104, (303) 688-3195.


Adopted: December 13, 1994
Revised: January 6, 1998
Revised: September 2, 2003


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