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Superintendent File: KF-R-1

Administrative Procedures and Regulations

Application for Use of School Facilities

1.   Application Form (Agreement for Before/After School Facility Use)

All applications for building/facility use will be submitted to and approved by the school requested and then routed to the Facility Use Office. If space is available on date requested, the Facility Use Office will forward a copy of the request and approval to the applicant.

2.  Approval and Authorization

After approval, a copy of the completed Agreement will be returned to the applicant by the Facility Use Office and will serve as the applicant’s identification to the building custodian or school administration at the time of use. The custodian or school administrator may deny use of the building or facility unless a proper contract is presented.

3.   Time of Application

Application must be submitted a minimum of five days prior to the event. If application is submitted within five days of request, approval is not guaranteed. Rental groups that are organized on a school-year basis need apply only once during each school year.

4.  Cancellation

Cancellation of any event must be received to the Facility Use Office no later than 72 hours prior to the start of the event in order to receive a refund. If cancellation occurs within 72 hours, no refund will be issued. The District reserves the right to cancel building use activities should the space be needed for school or school-related activities. This privilege will be used only when necessary as a result of unavoidable circumstances. The District will attempt to provide suitable, alternative space. When school is cancelled or released early for emergencies or weather conditions, scheduled community activities will be canceled.

5.   Denial of Request

a.   In the event of energy shortages, conservation programs or budget constraints, some or all buildings/facilities may not be available for external use. School activities may be permitted.

b.   Buildings/facilities may be unavailable at certain times during weekends, holidays, summer vacations, or when they are scheduled for maintenance or custodial programs.

c.   A group’s failure to comply with the District’s procedure for building use or the misuse or abuse of buildings, facilities, equipment or grounds may be cause for immediate and future denial and/or immediate ejection by school administration or custodial staff.

d.   Violation of federal, state or municipal laws including District policies or procedures may be grounds for a denial of future request, as well as the immediate revocation of use and surrender of the premises.

e.   Individuals, groups or organizations that advance any doctrine or theory that are subversive to the Constitution or laws of the United States or the state of Colorado, or that advocate social or political change by use of violence will be denied use of District facilities.

General Requirements

1.   Any use of District buildings, facilities, or property shall not create a nuisance or hazard to other persons.

2.   When any school building is occupied by an external organization, a school district custodian must be present.

3.   School buildings, facilities and parking lots may not be used for car washes or private family use (e.g., wedding receptions, reunions, parties).

4.   Organizations using District buildings/facilities shall neither negotiate with, nor pay any employee directly, for services rendered.

5.   Persons using District buildings/facilities must confine themselves to the room(s) and corridor(s) assigned for their use during the contracted approved time. Areas must be vacated completely at the agreed-upon ending time; otherwise overtime charges will be assessed accordingly.

6.   Keys to school facility shall not be issued to any community user.

7.   Groups using District buildings/facilities must receive approval from the school administration for sales of prepackaged food and drink prior to the event.

8.   The use and possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs by any person or group on District property is strictly prohibited.

9.   Smoking and tobacco use in all District buildings and on all school campuses is prohibited at all times.

10.  Neither gambling nor unlicensed games of chance (e.g., bingo, lotteries, raffles) shall be permitted in District buildings/facilities. Only generally accepted amusement games may be conducted at student-oriented or similar activities.

11.  No supplies or equipment will be stored in school buildings or on school property without District approval from the District Grounds Foreman, the Director of Construction and the Director of Activities and Athletics.

12.  Temporary signage is permissible only on contracted use days, beginning one hour prior to use, and must be removed no later than one hour after contracted use time.

13.  Individuals and groups using District buildings/facilities shall not be allowed to have access to and shall not use any District internet facilities including District wireless facilities or access lines unless approved by school administration.

14.  All organizations must provide proof of insurance before the event begins showing Douglas County School District as an additional insured for a minimum of $1,000,000 in general liability.

Regulation KF-R-2 indicates cost classification standards for groups using District facilities.

  1. No Rental Fee:

a.   Colleges and universities may use buildings at no charge, if activities take place during regular District hours and the custodian is present when they conduct classes that have been requested by the District.

b.   Law enforcement agencies located within Douglas County conducting business for the police/sheriff department.

c.   Governmental elections and political activities.

d.   Precinct caucuses.

e.   Users who are considered to be part of the regular school curriculum.

f.    Users who are participants in school-sponsored student activities, such as athletic and music groups, student clubs and plays, student council, and social events.

g.   School affiliated users, such as Parent Teacher Organizations, school-related parent groups, or employee groups as approved by the individual school and the Facility Use Office.

h.   Forums for candidates for the Board of Education, where such forums are open to the public without charge, and all candidates are invited to participate.

i.    Free category users may be charged a damage deposit and for any personnel overtime (minimum two hours) when applicable.

2.   Non-profit Douglas County Youth:

The following groups may use District buildings/facilities for “direct cost”:

a.   Non-profit recreational and educational groups and organizations serving primarily Douglas County youth.

“Direct cost” is District-incurred costs and includes utility costs, supplies, and custodial services. An extra custodian may be assigned and the cost passed on to the rental group if the Facility Use Office believes that it is appropriate. The hourly custodial fee shall be as set forth in District Regulation KF-R-2.

3.   Non-profit Community Rate:

a.  Colleges and universities conducting courses available to Douglas County residents that have not been requested by the District;

b.   Recreational, educational, religious, charitable, athletic and governmental groups and organizations that hold legal not-for-profit tax status that do not primarily serve Douglas County youth.

4.   Commercial Rate:

a.  All youth and adult activities that are sponsored by individual(s), groups, and organizations that do not hold not-for-profit tax status through the state of Colorado or Internal Revenue Service.

b.  Any organization or individual(s), including District employees or group, that uses District buildings/facilities for the purpose of generating revenue by charging for admission or requesting donations from spectators and/or participants, or selling merchandise and/or services.

Fee Regulations

1.   Rental fees and damage deposits are payable in advance for dates specified on the application. All checks or money orders shall be made payable to the “Douglas County School District.” Additional charges accrued by the user are due within five business days after receipt of invoice.

2.   Rental charges, as per rate schedule, will be based on the length of time the facility is used, inclusive of that period preceding the opening or beginning of the activity that is used for rehearsals, decoration, or preparation, as well as that period following the closing of the activity necessary for the removal of property, dismissal of personnel, and return to normal school use.

3.   Use of facilities will fall within normal custodial hours, or overtime charges will be assessed.

4.   Charges for use of District equipment may be assessed.

Grounds and Parking Lots

1.   Placement of buildings, structures, or equipment by outside organizations will only be allowed on District property with the approval from the School Administration, the District Grounds Foreman, the Director of Construction and the Director of Activities and Athletics.

2.   Vehicles and horses shall be restricted to established roadways and parking lots.

3.   A scheduled activity that restricts the use of tennis courts and tracks requires an approved application. A fee will be assessed for each use.

4.   Use of tracks, tennis courts, baseball fields, softball fields, and parking lots is restricted for the purposes for which they are intended.

5.   Approved applications are required for use of all athletic fields.

6.   Any expense incurred by the District for use of facilities in this category will be charged to the user.

7.   No work shall be done by outside groups to any grounds or athletic fields without the approval from the District Grounds Foreman, the Director of Construction and the Director of Activities, Athletics and Student Leadership.

Special Facilities

1.   The Director of Nutrition Services shall be consulted regarding all use of the kitchen facilities. At least one person from the Nutrition Services department must be present when the kitchen is used. The kitchen and kitchen personnel rate will be charged.

2.   The following District facilities are not available for use as described in this procedure unless they are under the direct supervision of the regular classroom teacher normally assigned to the facility, or an individual approved by the building administrator. The contracted pay rate will be charged for supervision. (Computer Labs, Industrial Arts areas, Science Labs, Life Management Studies Facilities, and Theaters)

District-Owned Equipment for Community Use

1.   Furniture and equipment located in District schools shall not be loaned or rented to any person or organization for use off school premises.

2.   This equipment may be used in District buildings only, with the permission of the building administrator, and only by qualified personnel of the District.

3.   No equipment or furniture shall be altered or moved by users unless approved by the Facility Use Office or School Administration in the facility use agreement. Specifically included in this category are basketball backboards, bleachers, and wrestling mats.

4.   Materials and equipment from the District Library Media Center may be loaned to community agencies and organizations subject to established guidelines.

a.  no costs will be incurred by the District for the use; and

b.   the building custodian or monitor is on duty or the administrator (or his/her designee) of that building is present.

Use of District Buildings and Facilities by Religious Organizations

1.   Community-based religious organizations may rent school buildings for church services, Sunday school or other functions of church service or religious instruction (i.e., seminars, revivals) under conditions and for periods of time as follows, and shall pay appropriate rates.

2.   Use of school facilities as a meeting place is permissible only after school hours, and shall be subject to all approval and regulatory conditions applicable to other organizations. Religious organizations may not conduct meetings on school grounds or in school facilities at games, practices, or activities that are school-sponsored.

Payment to the District’s General Fund

The District will pay all Custodians, Theater Managers, IT Support, and Security workers through the General Fund. All nutrition services will be paid by the Nutrition Services Fund. This will ensure that all taxes are paid and benefits accrued to the employee. It will also ensure that the District and the employee will retain insurance coverage; i.e., liability, worker’s compensation. All rental fees will be remitted to the Facility Use Office, who will then forward all revenue to Business Services. Rental revenue will be distributed as follows: The first 75% will be retained in the District’s General Fund and 25% will be returned to the renting facility. Distribution of revenue will be generated twice a year.

User Responsibility and District Indemnity

1.   The electronic signer of the Agreement for Non-School Use of School Facilities will be considered the legal agent of the organization using the building/facility and, as such, will be responsible for compliance with all conditions for building use. The applicant signing the Agreement and the organization represented will indemnify and hold harmless the District and any person whose property may be within that building, for loss or damage to such property caused by any persons attending said meeting, and for any damage or injury arising out of, or in any manner attributable to the holding of said meeting or the use of such building or facility by reason of holding said meeting.

2.   The applicant shall be responsible for the conduct and control of all participants and spectators and shall see that all applicable federal, state, and municipal laws and regulations, and District policies and regulations are followed. All community user groups must identify an on-site adult responsible for supervising the event and as contact for the District. Users must have a copy of the approved Facility Use Contract in their possession at the time of the event.

3.   The applicant must agree to be financially responsible to the District for any and all damage that occurs to the buildings and property during the period of use. Excessive wear to the District’s property caused by non-school users will be charged to the user. If, in the opinion of the Facility Use Office, a proposed activity will cause excessive wear, or require extensive custodial time, the Facility Use Office may also require security coverage, or deny the request.

4.   The District property insurance and comprehensive general liability insurance does not provide coverage to community user groups. The user will be required to provide a certificate of comprehensive general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence. The certificate of insurance must have an endorsement naming the Douglas County School District as an additional insured as its interests may appear. The District reserves the right to require different types of insurance dependent on user activities.

Approved: June 3, 1986; Revised on the basis of Board action
Revised: November 20, 1990
Revised: August 20, 1991
Revised: November 1, 1994
Revised: October 20, 1998
Revised: May 1, 2001
Repealed by the Board and re-enacted and revised by the Supt.: March 16, 2004
Revised: March 14, 2005
Revised: April 3, 2013