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Legend explores new learning model

PARKER – We know that every student is unique, with different interests and needs. A new program at Legend High School is aiming to ensure that every Titan has the support they need to succeed.
“We really want to challenge ourselves. Every student in our school can be successful,” said Legend High School Assistant Principal, Dan Simington. “This [program] will create more pathways to reach every single student so that they feel they have a choice that will fit them and their learning style.”
A group of teachers are leading the effort to transform their teaching model, to provide personalized learning in a non-traditional, flexible environment.
“How do we create an educational experience that students will never forget and one that will fully prepare them for life after high school?” asked Simington.
In the program, which has yet to be named, students will have the opportunity to shadow professionals on the job, build relationships with business leaders, gain internship opportunities, and take advantage of global travel opportunities to learn a new language and be immersed in new cultures. 
In addition to activities outside the classroom, teachers will be encouraged to create projects that are cross-curricular. For example, technology and humanities teachers work jointly on a project for students, while utilizing real world scenarios inside the classroom.
With this new innovative program, students will have five learning pathways available: Advanced Placement/Honors, AVID, traditional, STEM and this integrative learning model.
As part of the planning process for this new learning model, Simington and teachers are going to tour 10 innovative high schools in San Francisco, San Diego and New York. The focus at these schools is on student choice, more freedom for students to focus on the topics that are important to them and arming students with skills that will benefit them in professional situations.
“I think [long term] this will be a springboard for us to take even further risks,” said Simington. “When our entire school sees that we are creating these partnerships and we are allowing kids to expand the borders of the classroom, it will encourage more teachers to get involved.”
Legend’s goal is to start the new program next year with 150 freshmen students.
September 10, 2015 | By CSilberman | Category: Choice Programming, World Class Education

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