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DCSD launches new, improved District website

New website - home page

With the launch of a new, improved website, staying in touch and in-the-know is now easier than ever. Whether you are a community member looking for information about the district or a student hoping for a snow day, has got the answer. DCSD launched the new site today as an ongoing effort to continually improve district communications. 

"Our goal is to provide all of our stakeholders - students, parents, employees, and community members with information on all things DCSD," said DCSD Internal Communications Officer Randy Barber. "We've worked hard to deliver not just a website, but a complete online information center that provides our families with what they need, when they need it in an easy-to-use, attractive format. The new site offers improved transparency, better navigation, and great content."

According to Barber, this is the first website refresh in three years. "Technology changes rapidly and we want to take advantage of new developments for the sake of efficiency and content delivery."

screen shot - District PrioritiesThe new tool is a custom-designed, Drupal-based content management system that provides schools and departments with the ability to quickly add content and instantly address the information needs of stakeholders. "Because we built the site with an open code solution, we can integrate improvements and tools developed by users world-wide, often for free," continued Barber. 

Although the new system is customized for district needs, it is no longer based in proprietary technology and according to Barber that translates into savings for the district. "We are no longer required to pay recurring fees and pricey upgrades."

Follow this link for a quick tour and brief explanation of navigation and new features.

"We are dedicated to serving our users," continued Barber. "In fact, we are hosting focus groups for our stakeholders and asking them to evaluate the tool and the available information. Based on input, we will continually improve the site and add valuable content."

New features at page on computer screen

  • Improved transparency; 
  • Improved user navigation; 
  • Improved usability of the system for stakeholders and personnel; 
  • Adaptable for future needs; 
  • Connected to other communication avenues, including the DCSD mobile app, Newsline, and THINK; 
  • A free, external website tool for schools that will meet their needs and allow for better district communication.
January 21, 2014 | By SCPaulsen | Category: Communications

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