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    Research shows that the first three years of life are the most important years for developing and learning. Early Intervention services can help children become the best that they can be. 

  • Social and Emotional Development

    The early years of a childs's life are also marked by other developmental milestones, including social and emotional ones.

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    It's a great way to help children develop the basic sensory awarness and motor skills they need.

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    The importance of developing communication and language skills is emphasized in the early years to ensure a strong foundation for learning and development.

Department Contact

Child Find

Annika Barton
Child Find Coordinator

3950 Trail Boss Lane
Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 720-433-0020

Child Find is part of the district's Special Education program. We act as a resource for families who are residents of Douglas County. Our Child Find teams offer developmental assessments at no charge to young children from birth through age five.

Child Find teams include multi-disciplinary specialists. Teams work with children and their families and conduct screenings and/or evaluations to determine eligibility for services.

Children ages birth to three who demonstrate a significant delay in development may be eligible for services through Developmental Pathways, a non-profit agency.

Children ages three up to age five are assessed to determine if they are eligible for special education services through the DCSD Early Childhood Preschool program.


If you would like to request an appointment please visit (copy and paste into browser).

Appointments are scheduled at one of our four locations, based on a guardian's Douglas County household location and soonest available appointment.

Child Find North
Early Childhood Center
9350 Teddy Lane, Lone Tree, CO 80124 Map 
Phone: 720-433-0020
Fax: 720-433-0021
Hours: 8-4 M-Th  8-2 Friday


Child Find South
Early Childhood Center
3950 Trail Boss Lane, Castle Rock, CO 80104  Map 
Phone: 720-433-0020
Fax: 720-433-0021
Hours: 8-4 M-Th  8-2 Friday


Eldorado Elementary School
1305 Timbervale  Trail
Highlands Ranch, CO 80129 Map


Northeast Elementary School
6598 N State Hwy 83 (Parker Road)
Parker, CO 80134
NE Corner of Parker Road and N Pinery Pkwy
*If using GPS or a maps app for directions, use the name of the school (Northeast Elementary) instead of address.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are questions that we frequently receive from our families.

Q: What Early Intervention Services are available for infants and toddlers?

A: Children from birth to three years of age receive a multidisciplinary evaluation through Child Find to determine eligibilty for service coordination and the delvelopment of an "Individualized Family Service Plan".

Q: Who are the members of the Child Find Team?

A: Each Child Find team includes professionals who evaluate the clarity of speech, the use and understanding of language, fine, gross and visual-motor skills. cognitive ability and behavior. A team member also reviews the child's medical, health, and developmental history with the family. The team may include representation from speech language pathology, occupational therapy, psychology, social work, nursing and other specialists as necessary. 

Q: What happens at a screening?

A: Screenings are conducted in playrooms designed to be inviting to young children. Families are asked to participate in the screening by providing support for their child, observing the screening and by providing information about their child. Screenings look briefly at a child's overall development to determine whether areas of developmental concern exist and a need for formal evaluation is warranted. Using materials that are presented in game like format, the Child Find team assess cognitive, speech, language, fine motor and gross motor skills. When the assessment is completed, recommendations are shared with the family. Parents are often given suggestions of helpful activities they can do at home. Children who demonstrate a significant risk for having developmental delays may return for an evaluation.

Q: How is a screening different from an evaluation?

A: An evaluation is a more in depth look at the areas where the child is experiencing difficulty. Families typically remain in the room with the child during the screening or evaluation. The results from the evaluation are used to determine if the child will qualify for intervention services and to develop an appropriate service or education plan.

Q: How do I decide if my child should be seen?

A: The most common concern that brings a family to Child Find is a question about their child's speech. Often, the child is late in talking or their speech is unclear. Families want to know if they should be worried about these issues, seek intervention or if their child will outgrow the problem on their own. Many local preschools and childcare centers refer families to Child Find. Sometimes, children have trouble with fine motor activities and consequently, avoid paper and pencil activities in preschool. Concern with behavior problems, such as hitting or biting will precipitate a referral to Child Find. Some children have a difficult time paying attention or have such a high activity level that parents worry about learning problems or hyperactivity. 

Q: How do I schedule an appointment?

A: Submit a form online with preliminary information about your child. A Child Find representative will contact you to schedule an appointment. Materials will be sent by email or mail to you for completion at home and bring with you to the appointment. If you have further questions, call the Child Find office at 720-433-0020. 

Q: What should I tell my child about their Child Find appointment?

A: You may tell your child they are going to school to play some games. Children become inhibitied if they are told they are going to be tested to see if they are ready for school. 

Q: What if I am moving into Douglas County from another school district with an active Individual Family Service plan (IFSP) or Individual Education PLan (IEP)?

A: Call the Child Find office at 720-433-0020 to make arrangments to bring or mail a copy of your child's IFSP or IEP for review and determination of the next steps.