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Ceremony honors best artists in Douglas County

PARKER – Some of the most creative students in the Douglas County School District got some much-deserved recognition during the 2015 DCSD Celebration of the Arts.

All of the award-winning students from the District’s Art Show were invited to a special reception and ceremony at the PACE Center in Parker on Monday May 11. Additionally, their work was on display at PACE for the week leading up to the event.

“I was impressed by the quality and the variety of the artwork I got to see both when it was on display at Lone Tree Arts Center [during the Art Show] and here, culminating at the awards tonight,” said DCSD Board of Education President Kevin Larsen. “We have some very talented, gifted kids.”

Several of the speakers at the event, including Larsen, spoke to the valuable 21st Century Skills that art enables in our students, including creativity.

“I consider Creativity the combination of curiosity and courage to do things that may not have boundaries, may not have any rules, but you want to see what you can do—whether that is the way you want to think or it is in your art,” Larsen said.

Below is the list of students who received awards.

2015 District Art Show Awards

Elementary School Awards

Tanner Leonard American Academy Castle Pines 6 AAFCU
Arawyn Burt Aspen View Academy 3 WOW!
Sammy Benoit Bear Canyon 3 AAFCU
Shannon Goodwill's Class Clear Sky K DCSD BOE Scholarship
Clara Lynch Copper Mesa 4 AAFCU
Victoria Gracie Halpape Cougar Run 6 WOW!
Delaney Mimless Eldorado 1 AAFCU
Casey Oyloe Fox Creek 2 AAFCU
Tucker Searle Franktown 4 AAFCU
Madison Caho Frontier Valley 4 WOW!
Tessa Rudig Frontier Valley 5 WOW!
Bella Thomson Frontier Valley 3 DCSD BOE Scholarship
Landon Geraghty Iron Horse 5 AAFCU
Regan Kadel Iron Horse  3 AAFCU
Ethan Marti Larkspur 5 WOW!
Andrew Hagen Lone Tree K AAFCU
Carson Rakovich Mammoth Heights K WOW!
Ivy Briggs Meadow View 2 WOW!
Kentley Chavira Meadow View 2 AAFCU
Colten Booher Mountain View 1 WOW!
Ava Kellogg Northridge 2 DCSD BOE Scholarship
Liam Kerrigan Northridge 3 WOW!
Kaylee Bergeson Pine Lane  6 DCSD BOE Scholarship
Alina Bruce Pine Lane  3 WOW!
Jaylynn Wisner Pine Lane K WOW!
Ellie Winnenger Pioneer 5 AAFCU
Reese Betschart Pioneer 1 AAFCU
Jake McCall Prairie Crossing 6 WOW!
Catie Vick Redstone 5 WOW!
Grant Koenig Redstone K AAFCU
Andrew Kronbach Renaissance 5 AAFCU
Keanan Hinton Renaissance 4 WOW!
Chance Farrow, Lexie Fenton, Xavier Graves, Rowan Shaughnessy, Piper Whitt Renaissance 2 WOW!
Lindsey Rettmer Renaissance 5 DCSD BOE Scholarship
Gage Heath Sage Canyon 4 WOW!
Sidney DiCicco Sand Creek K AAFCU
Ella Mason Sky View Academy 2 WOW!
Gavin Crawley Sky View Academy 1 AAFCU
Tehya Miller Sky View Academy 1 WOW!
Nathan Ingebristen Stone Mountain 6 AAFCU
Remy Baskind Stone Mountain 4 AAFCU
Anna Repaskey Summit View 6 WOW!
Emma Kim Timber Trail 2 AAFCU
Madeline Leonardi Timber Trail 3 AAFCU
Olivia Dunn Timber Trail 1 WOW!
Sadie Rowe Timber Trail 5 DCSD BOE Scholarship
John Moore Wildcat Mountain K WOW!

Middle School Awards

Abby Williams American Academy 8 Honorable Mention-Design
Andie Shallow American Academy 7 2nd Place-Design
Aubrey Benham American Academy 8 1st Place-Design
Kate Coury American Academy 8 2nd Place-Drawing
Keegan Daley American Academy 8 Honorable Mention-Design
Payton Young American Academy 7 1st Place-Drawing
Ryan Tierney Aspen View 7 AAFCU-1st Place
Ryan Timerney Aspen View 7 1st Place-Sculpture
Eliza Keiler Castle Rock 8 Honorable Mention- Ceramics
Ella Beringer Castle Rock 8 3rd Place-Photography
Jackie Meeks Castle Rock 8 Honorable Mention-Photography
Nicole Rees Castle Rock 8 Honorable Mention-Painting
Nicole Rees Castle Rock 8 Honorable Mention-Drawing
Skylar Gray Castle Rock 7 AAFCU-3rd Place
Maria Allen Challenge to Excellence 8 2nd Place-Mixed Media
Alexa Eise Cimarron 8 Honorable Mention-Drawing
Alison Stewart Cimarron 6 Honorable Mention-Mixed Media
Bree Ferrin Cimarron 7 Honorable Mention-Mixed Media
Brooklyn Larsen Cimarron 7 Honorable Mention- Ceramics
Christian Cornwell Cimarron 8 2nd Place- Ceramics
Jennifer Landson Cimarron 8 2nd Place-Painting
Alexander Metcalf Cimmaron 6 AAFCU-1st  Place
Sophie Smithe Mesa 8 Honorable Mention-Painting
Nikki Morrow Mountain Ridge 8 3rd Place-Painting
Pallen Brooks Mountain Ridge 8 3rd Place-Mixed Media
Anna Temple Parker Core Knowledge 6 2nd Place- Printmaking
Evan Garneau Parker Core Knowledge 7 3rd Place- Printmaking
Noah Work Parker Core Knowledge 7 Honorable Mention-Sculpture
Zachary Burks Parker Core Knowledge 7 1st Place- Printmaking
Zachary Burks Parker Core Knowledge 7 AAFCU-2nd Place
Caitlyn McLeary Platte River 8 Honorable Mention-Sculpture
Katie Kessinger Platte River 8 Honorable Mention-Sculpture
Avery Dyer Rocky Heights 6 3rd Place-Digital Art
Avery Dyer Rocky Heights 6 AAFCU-1st Place
Brennan Leck Rocky Heights 7 2nd Place-Digital Art
Dominick English Rocky Heights 7 Honorable Mention-Design
Garrett Vareldzis Rocky Heights 8 AAFCU-1st Place
Hailey Peppler Rocky Heights 6 Honorable Mention-Photography
Hallie Farmer Rocky Heights 8 3rd Place- Ceramics
Izzy Holsman Rocky Heights 6 Honorable Mention-Digital Art
Jessica Kardish Rocky Heights 8 3rd Place-Design
Kate Jussila  Rocky Heights 7 Honorable Mention-Painting
Kate Winborne Rocky Heights 8 Honorable Mention-Digital Art
Lauren Moote Rocky Heights 7 1st Place-Digital Art
Lauren Moote Rocky Heights 8 DCSD BOE Scholarship
Natalie Moorehead Rocky Heights 6 Honorable Mention-Digital Art
Zoe Zizzo Rocky Heights 8 2nd Place-Sculpture
Megan Dura Ranch View 7 Honorable Mention- Ceramics
Brooklyn Pustari Sagewood 8 3rd Place-Jewelry
Elizabeth Koranda Sagewood 7 2nd Place-Jewelry
Elizabeth Koranda Sagewood 7 Honorable Mention-Jewelry
Elizabeth Koranda Sagewood 7 Honorable Mention-Jewelry
Haley Tidd Sagewood 8 Honorable Mention-Drawing
Henry Cox Sagewood 8 Honorable Mention-Jewelry
Spencer Jokensan Sagewood 7 3rd Place-Sculpture
Sydney Clements Sagewood 7 1st Place- Ceramics
Sydney Clements Sagewood 7 1st Place-Jewelry
Callahan Nolan Sagewood  8 AAFCU-3rd Place
Ashely Parson Sierra 8 1st Place-Photography
Ashley Parson Sierra 8 DCSD BOE Scholarship
Grace Urbanski Sierra 8 Honorable Mention-Mixed Media
Haley Powers Sierra 8 Honorable Mention-Photography
Julianna Dalton Sierra 7 2nd Place-Photography
Marissa Hanlon Sierra 8 3rd Place-Drawing
Nolan Mayoss Sierra 8 AAFCU-2nd Place
Ali Reyman Sky View 6 1st Place-Painting
Josh Pfertsh Sky View 6 1st Place-Mixed Media

High School Awards

Amy Mackin Castle View 9 Honorable Mention-Design
Ashley Bradley Castle View 11 2nd Place-Painting
Bridger Clifford Castle View 10 3rd Place-Digital Art
Cameron Treffeisen Castle View 9 Honorable Mention-Jewelry
Haley Skinner Castle View 9 Honorable Mention-Painting
Kaitlyn Heaten Castle View 11 1st Place-Drawing
Kelly Wakefield Castle View 11 Honorable Mention-Ceramics/Glass
Tessa Georgia Castle View 9 1st Place-Printmaking
Hallie McGee Chaparral 11 2nd Place-Photography
Reece Sharp Chaparral 12 3rd Place-Ceramics/Glass
Scott Dassler Chaparral 9 Honorable Mention-Design
Makenna Porter Douglas County 12 DCSD BOE Scholarship
Makeena Porter Douglas County 12 1st Place-Mixed Media
Sejal Groel Douglas County 10 Honorable Mention-Jewelry
Ashley Visocky Highlands Ranch 12 Honorable Mention-Mixed Media
Katherine Sherlock Highlands Ranch 11 Honorable Mention-Mixed Media
Madison Rowe Highlands Ranch 12 Honorable Mention-Photography
Maureen Moran Highlands Ranch 12 3rd Place-Photography
Andrew Reardon Legend 11 3rd Place-Drawing
Calvin Johnson Legend 12 Honorable Mention-Digital Art
Charli Dickman Legend 11 2nd Place-Ceramics/Glass
Chase Morris Legend 10 Honorable Mention-Drawing
Dallas Dusel Legend 11 Honorable Mention-Design
Eliza Polzer Legend 10 Honorable Mention-Photography
Emily Strabala Legend 12 Honorable Mention-Painting
Hayley Kinslow Legend 12 1st Place-Design
Jake Bailey Legend 10 3rd Place-Mixed Media
Kieran Barr Legend 10 3rd Place-Design
Lauren Carlson Legend 12 Honorable Mention-Digital Art
Sam Willits Legend 11 2nd Place-Design
Samantha Randell Legend 12 Honorable Mention-Jewelry
Cassandra Reed Mountain Vista 10 Honorable Mention-Ceramics/Glass
Claire Van De Stouwe Mountain Vista 10 2nd Place-Drawing
Corina Rumsey Mountain Vista 10 Honorable Mention-Drawing
Jenna Foster Mountain Vista 9 3rd Place-Jewelry
Jordan Frerichs Mountain Vista 11 1st Place-Digital Art
Peyton Galbraith Mountain Vista 12 Honorable Mention-Photography
Gabby Mace Ponderosa 12 1st Place-Ceramics/Glass
Gabby Mace Ponderosa 12 DCSD BOE Scholarship
Jade Harris Ponderosa 12 Honorable Mention-Sculpture
Aidan Kirby Rock Canyon 11 Honorable Mention-Drawing
Caley Riddle Rock Canyon 11 Honorable Mention-Painting
Danielle Murdock Rock Canyon 12 Honorable Mention-Digital Art
Ethan Myers Rock Canyon 10 2nd Place-Digital Art
Ethan Zehnder Rock Canyon 11 1st Place-Painting
Ethan Zehnder Rock Canyon 11 DCSD BOE Scholarship
Kelly Wakefield Rock Canyon 11 3rd Place-Painting
Laura Kassner Rock Canyon 12 2nd Place-Printmaking
Ryan Badcock Rock Canyon 12 2nd Place-Sculpture
Samantha Hanson Rock Canyon 9 Honorable Mention-Sculpture
Olivia Berglund Skyview 11 1st Place-Photography
Adi Kercheva Thunderridge 11 Honorable Mention-Ceramics/Glass
Andrew Woods Thunderridge 11 2nd Place-Jewelry
Jenna Jager Thunderridge 11 1st Place-Jewelry
Laun Spriggs Thunderridge 11 3rd Place-Sculpture
Lexi Spadi Thunderridge 12 1st Place-Sculpture
Sarah Stagliano Thunderridge 12 Honorable Mention-Mixed Media
Sheyenne Berken Thunderridge 11 Honorable Mention-Sculpture
Sheyenne Berken Thunderridge 11 2nd Place-Mixed Media
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