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Orientation preps new DCSD teachers for success

HIGHLANDS RANCH – As students are preparing for the return to school, new teachers in Douglas County School District are busy incorporating innovative and sustainable learning philosophies to better prepare students for 21st century outcomes.

Teachers participated in a two-day seminar addressing areas of interest including World Class Outcomes, assessment and instructional strategies for the classroom. New teachers also had the opportunity to meet other new teachers within the District as they discussed backwards planning and worked together during hands-on activities.

“We actually spent the last two days working with new teachers on backwards planning in collaboration with world class education,” said DCSD Professional Development’s Brandon Peterson. “We have to teach new teachers all the great skills involved in planning world class outcomes, doing assessment, and of course, instructional strategies for the classroom.”

By providing teachers with the skills and knowledge to best suit the needs of students, DCSD is committed to creating a support system within the District and preparing teachers for the upcoming school year.

“Today’s orientation is a big part of giving you a glimpse of what our school district is all about: always striving for higher achievement and growth, even when we’re already in a position of excellence,” DCSD Board of Education President Kevin Larsen told the group.

DCSD’s enthusiastic and positive teachers are the foundation to a comfortable learning environment. DCSD is committed to providing students with the maximum opportunity for success, promoting an environment in which employees share their passion for their work and providing a system where employees can grow professionally.

“We want to make sure our teachers begin on the right foot,” said DCSD Superintendent Dr. Liz Fagen. “Coming into DCSD is a unique experience. We want to make sure our teachers have the best situation possible to start the year and know exactly what the expectations are so they can be successful. We also want them to know what supports are in place that they can access if they need them.”

August 5, 2014 | By SCPaulsen | Category: Professional Development

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