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    Driven by our passion for students and informed by research, we are creating a school district for the future; one that makes sure that every child has the opportunity to find his or her educational niche and instills them with the skills they’ll need to succeed in whatever college or career they choose.

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We have some of the best educators in the world and we focus on keeping decisions local — after all we know that the most important factor in student success is the effectiveness of their teacher.

Our teachers are expected to define new outcomes for students, explore new ways to teach and find new ways to access what matters most in their classrooms.

They are pushing the envelope, creating a model for education for the future. It has never been done at this level before and it is our teachers who are pioneering the way, with the support of all of our school and district staff.

We are re-imagining the future of education. Gone are the days of ‘sit and get’ learning and ‘step and lane’ pay. Instead we expect highly effective teaching and then we reward employees for their performance and impact.

We encourage our employees to push the boundaries and find better ways to serve our students, parents, employees and community.

We strive for excellence in everything we do. We expect our employees to constantly look for better ways to serve our stakeholders.

After all, we know that finding ways to collaborate, improve safety, avoid waste, enhance buildings and communicate, for instance, will provide more opportunities in our classrooms and ensure the focus is always on learning. Everyone impacts our students, through their work, their leadership, and their dedication.

We know great leaders are at their best when they have the opportunity to push themselves and those around them. With a clear vision and the necessary resources, DCSD administrators have built a strong tradition of innovation, excellence and economic efficiency.

This District is the ideal organization to design and implement a new system that responds to the convergence of recommendations for changes in education.

We are committed to supporting our leaders so they can take measured risks in order to achieve the unimaginable.

In fact, here in Douglas County we have implemented site-based budgeting and a smart carryover policy to give our leaders the ability to meet the needs of their school communities, while supporting innovation.

Mountains. Culture. Something for Everyone.

Douglas County, Colorado has it all. Nestled next to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the views are spectacular and the activities are even better.

Whether you like to mountain bike or hike or prefer to enjoy a nice dinner at a sidewalk café on the main street of a small town—you can do it in Douglas County. 

Parker, Highlands Ranch and Castle Rock offer great family activities, and Denver is a short drive for major sporting events, culture and music.

 If you’re a skier or snowboarder, we’re a couple hours drive to some of the best skiing in the world.

Big city or big country? If you dream of being a Colorado cowboy or girl, much of our county is rural.

Our cities boast some of the safest places to live, and within that security, we enjoy a broad range of outdoor activities, including top-rated trails, parks, skiing, golf and more.

Come, explore and enjoy! Really, there is something for everyone here in Douglas County. 

At Douglas County School District we recognize that it takes a lot of different components to be a great employer.  We know you've joined us for more than just a paycheck, and we want to provide a comprehensive set of rewards to our employees.  We want to recognize and reward excellence and positive impact.  We want to ensure we are retaining, utilizing and promoting our best talent and the people that will help take our District forward.  We refer to this as our Total Compensation package.

Base Pay -  Employees enjoy a salary set to their position, experience, education, and market factors.  We hope to attract, reward and retain employees by setting the right salary for the right job.

Pay for Performance Increases - Each employee is evaluated and rewarded based on their individual work and contribution.  By eliminating unilateral flat and consequently low increases, DCSD is able to differentiate rewards to match individual performance.  Excellence is rewarded.

Professional Pathways - We recognize that employees are here for a career.  We want to ensure each of our employees has a plan for their development and the support they need to meet their goals.  Professional Pathways allows you to develop within your current role or prepare for a future assignment.

Professional Development and Tuition Reimbursement - DCSD offers a comprehensive list of courses, training and development opportunities through our Center for Professional Development and Innovation group.  We also offer Tuition Reimbursement for courses that an employee takes outside of our offerings.

Benefits and Wellness - Our Benefits and Wellness Team work to ensure employees have a comprehensive benefits plan and wellness opportunities.  We offer Colorado PERA retirement options.   Please visit the Benefits page to learn more about Medical, Dental, Vision, HSA, Flex Plans, Short-Term Disability, Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance, Life Insurance, 401a, 403b, and COPERA Retirement options.  We also have an Employee Assistance Plan.

Time Off - While we work hard, we play hard.  Each of our positions comes with a calendar set to reward our employees with time off to recharge and enjoy life.