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Boettcher Foundation honors DCSD teachers

DOUGLAS COUNTY - Four DCSD teachers are in a class of their own, after being named recipients of the 2014 Boettcher Foundation's Teacher Recognition Award. The teachers were nominated by their former students, who are now Boettcher Scholars.

The students are encouraged to acknowledge a school staff member who made a profound impact on their lives and helped, in part, lead to their success. Each scholar gets to nominate one staff member.

“All of us at the Boettcher Foundation recognize that teachers have one of the most important jobs there is, and this is our way of thanking them for their dedication and commitment to their profession, and for the countless hours they devote to their students,” said Boettcher Scholarship Program Director Tiffany Anderson.

In total, 40 Colorado teachers were honored by the Boettcher Foundation. Each teacher receives a $1,000 grant for educational programs or projects benefitting students, as well as a plaque recognizing the achievement.

Congratulations to the following DCSD Boettcher Teachers:

  • Jennifer Driessen, Highlands Ranch High School (nominated by Francis Commercon)
  • Roger Felch, Castle View High School (nominated by Madeline Walden)
  • Susan McGuinn, ThunderRidge High School (nominated by Elisabeth Collins)
  • Emily Muellenberg, Highlands Ranch High School (nominated by Paul Marchando)


          Driessen                                 Felch                                  McGuinn                               Muellenberg

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