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The following process shall be followed in the event that a vacancy occurs on the Board of Education.

No later than the next regularly scheduled Board meeting following the event causing a vacancy on the Board, the meeting agenda shall include a resolution officially declaring the vacancy and setting forth the process and timeline for filling the vacancy.

The resolution shall include:

  1. The opening and closing period during which the Board shall accept applications to fill the vacancy, which period shall close no later than 30 days following the date of the official declaration of the vacancy.
  2. The required contents of applications, which shall include information to determine legal eligibility for candidates.
  3. The criteria and process by which the Board shall select candidates for initial interviews.
  4. The date of meetings of the Board to hold initial and final interviews, and the dates by which participants shall be notified that they are invited to participate in each stage of the interviews.
  5. The structure of the interview process (e.g., opening statements, length of interviews, etc.).
  6. The manner by which the Board shall nominate finalists.
  7. The date on which the Board shall hold a meeting to select the candidate to fill the vacancy, which meeting shall occur no later than 50  sixty (60) days following the official declaration of the vacancy.
  8. The date on which the vacancy must be filled by the Board before the president shall select a person to fill the vacancy as required by law.

Director Selection

At the meeting during which the Board is scheduled to fill the vacancy, the following process shall be followed:

The presiding officer of the meeting shall call for nominations from the finalists to fill the vacancy.  Multiple nominations and seconds may be made.  Nominations that receive a second shall be then open for discussion by the Board.  Once discussion is concluded, nominees shall be voted on in order of their nomination by a roll call vote.  Once a nominee receives a majority of the votes, that nominee shall be officially declared to fill the vacancy.

In the event of a tie between two remaining nominees, the presiding chair shall call for discussion and voting for up to two additional rounds.  If no nominee receives a majority of votes after these two rounds, the matter shall be deemed tabled for that meeting.

In the event that the Board does not select a person to fill the vacancy by the end of the 60th day following the declaration of the vacancy, the president of the Board shall appoint a person to fill the vacancy as required by law.

This policy is intended to provide a process for the Board of Education to conduct an orderly and open process for filling vacancies. Deviation from this process, or failure to comply with its terms shall not invalidate an appointment otherwise lawfully made by the Board of Education.

Adopted May 6, 2014
Adopted September 6, 2016


C.R.S. 22-31-129 (Vacancies)

C.R.S. 22-32-108 (Meetings of the board of education – legislative intent)

C.R.S. 22-32-109 (Board of education – specific duties)