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September 2 Board Briefing

Sept. 5 Board recognition

The Douglas County Board of Education convened for business at 7 p.m. on September 2, 2014. The Board conducted business items and engaged public comment from a crowd of students, parents, teachers, and community members. The live stream of board meetings can be found on the official DCSD Livestream channel at

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Student and Staff Recognitions

The Board of Education recognized the achievement of amazing students who participated in attended the FCCLA  (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America competition), FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), and DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) State and National competitions. In August, the Board recognized half of the participating teams. This evening students from Mountain Vista, Castle View, and ThunderRidge high schools were honored.

Castle View High School TSA Team

CVHS Board recognition

Braedon Bellamy

Project Showcase

Brianna Ott

Rat Trap Drag Race

ThunderRidge High School FBLA

TRHS Board Rec

Krish Dholakiya

National Qualification-Business Services Marketing
Service as State Executive Officer

Mark Dingee, Matt Kramer

Gold-Network Design

Mountain Vista High School

MVHS Board Rec

Mountain Vista High School FCCLA

Paige Mawhinney, Jenna Yoss, Savannah Raisor

Gold-Sports Nutrition

Karly Geist, Madison August

Gold-Focus on Children

Mountain Vista High School FBLA


Connor Mawhinney

Accounting I

Mountain Vista High School DECA


J. Lindsey Stroud

Entrepreneurship Participating Independent Business-“The Kabobery”

Mountain Vista High School TSA

State Chapter of the Year

Spencer Culbertson, Will Jones, and Nathan Mortimer

Obstacle Course

Peter Cleverdon, Nick Pfeufer, Christian Stenberg, Matt Price, Peter Culbertson, Nick Lawrence

Digital Video Production

Will Jones, Elizabeth Chengrian, Sumaer Kamboj, Madison Urbana, Graham Carroll

Engineering Design

Peter Cleverdon., Nick Lawrence, Will Jones, Matt Price, Anirudh Mathukumilli and Chris Keith

Open Source Software

Peter Cleverdon, Anirudh Mathukumilli, Nick Lawrence, Brad Arnot, and Matt Price


Delaney Livingston, Spencer Culbertson, Christian Stenberg, Nathan Mortimer, and Michael Ryan

Underwater ROV

Superintendent Reports

Chief Financial Officer Bonnie Betz and Budget Director Scott Smith gave a presentation on the general obligation refunding bonds.

Betz and Smith also presented the FY 2013-2014 4th Quarter Financial Report. 
Presentation 1    |    Presentation 2

Chief Human Resource Officer Brian Cesare provided the Board of Education with a human resources update and recap of the hiring season.  View the presentation here

Board Committee & Liaison Reports

President Larsen announced a Board of Education work session on October 7.  The session will focus on curriculum.

Adoption Of Consent Agenda

Directors voted by a margin of 5-0 to approve the consent agenda.

  • Adoption of Consent Agenda:  Staff recommendations, detailed in Agenda Items #12, organized for Board of Education block approval.
  • Personnel Changes

Action Items

The Board of Education voted by a margin of 4-0 to authorize the Submission of Innovation Waiver to the State Board of Education.  Read the resolution here

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Superintendent's letter to parents

Testing Madness

Public Comment

Members of the Board of Education engaged in a public comment period with members of the community.  Under a new public comment policy, members of the community can comment on individual action items on the meeting agenda as well as introducing new topics at the end of the meeting.


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District News

The Douglas County School District Board of Education welcomes Dr. Thomas S. Tucker into the role of Superintendent of Douglas County School District. Dr. Tucker officially leads the 68,000 student district as of July 1, 2018.


Nearly 1,500 Colorado students applied for the prestigious Boettcher Foundation Scholarship this year, with 42 being named recipients. Of those, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) is proudly home to four recipients.


When it comes to mental health services, communities traditionally focus on supporting kids as needs arise. This work is crucial for the safety of our students. Equally important, though, is prevention-based programming that can help, early on, prevent the social-emotional challenges our kids may be experiencing from escalating.