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DCSD Board Rescinds Choice Scholarship Program

DCSD Board of Directors sitting at dais

CASTLE ROCK - On Monday, December 4, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) Board of Education voted unanimously (with six voting members) to approve a resolution to rescind the Choice Scholarship Program. The Resolution outlines three steps to this revocation:

  1. Rescind the Choice Scholarship Program
  2. Repeal all district policies specifically related to the Choice Scholarship Program and the School Choice Grant Program
  3. Direct the Board President and/or Interim Superintendent to end the litigation challenging the Choice Scholarship Program in a cost-efficient and timely manner

The resolution takes effect immediately.

An overflow crowd was at the board meeting to witness the end of the Choice Scholarship Program, which has been held up in the courts since 2011.

“It has always been my belief that public school funding is for public school education,” said David Ray, President of the Douglas County School Board of Education. “I respect every parent’s right to choose a public or private education for their child. However, as a public school system our taxpayers should expect us to spend solely on educating our 68,000 plus students who have chosen Douglas County schools.”    

“On November 7, the Douglas County community made it very clear that they were not in support of the Choice Scholarship Program,” said Krista Holtzman, one of the newly elected Board members. “Our candidacy for the Douglas County School Board of Education campaigned on a promise to end the program and pending litigation.”

“I am proud to be part of this monumental decision to end the Choice Scholarship Program,” said Wendy Vogel, Vice President of the Douglas County School Board of Education. “This program created huge divides in our community and did not have the support of many of our residents. The current Board listened to our constituents and we finally put this controversial measure to rest. Now we can focus on providing our schools with the resources needed to be successful.”

In March 2011, the DCSD Board of Education voted unanimously to launch the DCSD Choice Scholarship Program, which was designed to provide up to 500 Douglas County students with scholarships to private-partner schools of their choice. In order to be eligible, students had to be Douglas County School District residents currently attending a DCSD school and in the school district for no less than one year. The program was never implemented due to immediate legal challenges.

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December 6, 2017 | By CSilberman | Category: Board of Education

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