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Oct. 1 Board Briefing

Awards on table



The Douglas County Board of Education convened for business at 5 p.m. on October 1, 2013.  The Board conducted business items and engaged public comment from a crowd of students, parents, teachers, and community members.



Board Recognition

The Board of Education is always proud to recognize the achievements of our teachers, staff and students. On October 1, the Board of Education celebrated an amazing example of teamwork.

Pine Grove rescue team


Pine Grove Elementary Rescue Team

The staff from several District departments and Pine Grove Elementary were brought together last month following the devastating floods that struck several Colorado communities.

As you may know, we had a group of 6th grade students from Pine Grove Elementary at the YMCA of the Rockies camp in Estes Park on an outdoor education field trip when floodwaters swept through the town and then cascaded through the adjoining canyons.

Watch video coverage

Members of the Board and Superintendent Fagen welcomed Principal Molly Gnagy and her staff from Pine Grove Elementary, as well as all of the District staff that either participated in or supported our rescue convoy last month. 

After the floods, the District activated its Incident Management Team. District and school staff worked together to reestablish communication with the camp and DCSD teachers ensuring that they were safe. Thankfully they were on high ground but stranded because every road to Estes Park was closed. The team closely monitored the weather and road conditions. When word came that a window of opportunity was available to rescue students, they acted.

In a couple short hours the district gained permission to travel Trail Ridge Road. The transportation department coordinated a fleet of Suburbans and drivers. Nutrition Services pulled together water and snacks.

With Principal Gnagy and Directors of Schools Patty Hanrahan and Brien Hodges aboard—and Douglas County Deputy Jason Goolsby leading the way, the convey began the 173 mile journey to pick up the 87 students and six adults.

Everything went according to plan and at one o'clock in the morning the convoy rolled in to home and our students were reunited with their families.

DCSD Support Staff

The Board of Education recognized support staff and all of the amazing things they do to support DCSD.

Superintendent's Report

Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen provided a strategic plan update. View presentation

Superintendent Dr. Elizabeth Fagen presented on expert professional development and third party appraisals. Castle View High School Principal Dr. Jim Calhoun joined the presentation to discuss the recent Castle View Symposium.

Chief Financial Officer Bonnie Betz provided an update on FY 2012-2013 4th Quarter Financial Report. View reports

Public Comment

Following presentations, Board members engaged in public comment with members of the community.

Adoption of Consent Agenda

Items on the Consent Agenda included:

Action Items
  • Board of Education Ends Statements. Members of the Board of Education voted in favor of approving end statements by a margin of 6-0. View End Statements
  • Board of Education Resolution Regarding Opposition to Amendment 66 – Members of the Board of Education voted in favor of approving the application by a margin of 6-0. View resolution

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Session 2 audio recording


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District News

The Douglas County School District Board of Education welcomes Dr. Thomas S. Tucker into the role of Superintendent of Douglas County School District. Dr. Tucker officially leads the 68,000 student district as of July 1, 2018.


Nearly 1,500 Colorado students applied for the prestigious Boettcher Foundation Scholarship this year, with 42 being named recipients. Of those, the Douglas County School District (DCSD) is proudly home to four recipients.


When it comes to mental health services, communities traditionally focus on supporting kids as needs arise. This work is crucial for the safety of our students. Equally important, though, is prevention-based programming that can help, early on, prevent the social-emotional challenges our kids may be experiencing from escalating.