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Superintendent File: DJE

All contractual services and purchases of supplies, materials, and equipment shall be purchased through competitive bidding procedures whenever possible, practical, and/or prudent.

The Director of Purchasing shall establish bid/proposal terms and conditions that govern all procurement transactions. Unsolicited bids/proposals and bids/proposals from unapproved or non-prequalified vendors shall not be considered unless it is determined by the Director of Purchasing that it is in the best interest of the District to accept such bids or proposals.

Procurements shall be awarded as follows:

Small Purchases – Goods:
Purchases where the estimated total cost of the goods or services is less than $2,500 may be sent directly to the vendor by the Purchasing Department or budget holder after purchase order number assignment. Purchasing Cards may be utilized for purchases less than $1,000.

Competitive Sealed Bids:
Defined as quotes and bids where detailed specifications which describe the materials, equipment, and/or service are available. Formal bids are opened at public openings. Prices and relevant information are read to those in attendance. Award is made to the lowest responsible and responsive bidder whose bid meets the requirements and criteria set forth in the invitation to bid.

Competitive Sealed Proposals:
Defined as instances when the products, services or projects are of a complex nature or when the expertise of the marketplace is required. Only the identities of those who have responded will be read at proposal opening. Award is made to the responsible offer or the proposal determined to be the most advantageous to the District, taking into consideration price and other evaluation factors set forth in the request for proposal.

Sole Source:
On occasion, because of the need to maintain uniformity or to satisfy certain technical requirements, it may be appropriate to seek a product or service from a single source. Any deviation from bidding requirements must be authorized by the Purchasing Department.

Competitive or noncompetitive negotiations may be used in place of proposals or may be used as part of any proposal process when it is determined by the Director of Purchasing that it is in the best interest of the District.

Dispute Resolution:
The Director of Purchasing is authorized to settle and resolve questions regarding any protest concerning the solicitation, consideration, or award of a bid/proposal, or controversies arising between the District and a vendor with regard to contracts. If deemed necessary, District counsel shall be consulted.

Public Access:
Quotes and bids shall be subject to public inspection throughout the evaluation process. Requests for proposals shall be considered working documents that may be negotiated and therefore shall not be subject to public inspection during the evaluation process. These documents will be available for review once an award has been made.

Bid/Proposal/Quotation Award Authorization:

  1. $2,501 to $25,000: telephone, e-mail, or facsimile quotes as deemed appropriate by the Purchasing Department buyer.
  2. $25,001 to $750,000: formal bid or proposal. Award must be approved by the budget holders, director of Construction (where applicable) and the Director of Purchasing or designee.
  3. $750,000 and above award of bids, proposals, and/or contracts, must be approved by the Board.

No requirement shall be divided for the purpose of circumventing this policy.


Current practice codified 1978
Adopted: February 6, 1979
Revised: November 15, 1994
Revised: December 3, 2002
Repealed by the Board and revised and re-enacted by the Superintendent: March 20, 2006
Revised:  September 28, 2009



C.R.S. 22-32-109(1)(b) Board of education – specific duties


DJ, Purchasing and subcodes (all relate to purchasing)