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Ben’s Brigade members perform maintenance tasks around school at summer work day

HIGHLANDS RANCH - On August 9, 2014, over 30 Ben Franklin Academy (BFA) dads, grandfathers and male role models participated in a Summer Work Day to provide general maintenance and cleaning before the school opens for the year on August 20th.  This community service event benefited the school, created volunteer opportunities for the BFA male role model community and showed the K-8th grade students how important it is to give back. 

4th grader Addison Haas commented on her father’s participation at the event, “I know how busy my Dad is with work, so when he takes time to help out at school, it makes me really happy.” Addison continued by saying, “It makes me realize that he likes Ben Franklin Academy as much as I do.”  Addison’s father, Steve Haas, was one of the volunteers her help restripe the carpool lanes.

The group called “Ben’s Brigade” brought their own basic tools, work gloves and safety goggles to participate in a variety of projects including restriping the carpool lanes, outdoor and indoor maintenance and construction of wood shelves in the storage room.

“Ben’s Brigade saved several thousand dollars on maintenance while providing the men of BFA a fun opportunity to help keep their children’s school safe and clean for the upcoming school year,” saidDave Fischer, Ben’s Brigade Officer.  “A penny saved is a penny earned for BFA.”

BFA supports the Core Virtues program, a non-sectarian and literature-based approach to character education, designed for use in a Core Knowledge school.  The curriculum emphasizes a foundation of virtues closely aligned with Benjamin Franklin’s Thirteen Virtues. BFA students saw application of three of these thirteen this last weekend: Order, Frugality and Industry.

This event represents one of several community service efforts BFA plans to undertake during this school year, including a large scale Veterans Day community service initiative in November.  

Ben’s Brigade will also be incorporating the national Watch D.O.G.S. program into the school this Fall.  This inclusion will provide a variety of volunteer opportunities for male role models of BFA students to participate on BFA’s campus during school hours.

About Ben Franklin Academy

Ben Franklin Academy (BFA) is a kindergarten through eighth grade Core Knowledge public charter school in northwestern Douglas County, Colorado. Consistent with its motto - “Stay Curious” - BFA’s mission is to develop young adults with character like America’s founding Renaissance man, Benjamin Franklin: well-read, scientifically curious, and civically engaged.  BFA is a data-driven institution that inspires its students to excel through a challenging, sequenced curriculum that emphasizes science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) and literacy while fostering the arts and sports.  BFA also offers a tuition-based Core Knowledge preschool.

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