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Congratulations to students in All State Orchestra, Band and Choir

Congratulations to Douglas County School District students who have successfully auditioned and earned spots in the 2016 All State Band, Orchestra and Choir. 

All State Weekend will be held March 31-April 2, 2016.





Castle View High School
All-State Choir

Ramon Alvarez - Men's Choir

Erica Caruso - Mixed Choir

Cydney Chapman - Women's Choir

Kirstyn Halliday - Women's Choir

David Hess - Men's Choir

Bryant Kraus - Men's Choir

Megan Maher - Women's Choir

Holly Sidney - Mixed Choir

Tiana Thakur - Women's Choir


All-State Orchestra

Holly Sidney - Violin


Chaparral High School


Ted Howell

Elisabeth Richardson

Anna Siegel

Sam Hesch



Jack Griffin

Chandler Carter


Douglas County High School

All State Orchestra:

Grace Wills


Highlands Ranch High School


Nicole Florian

Aaron Lou

Kenneth Swartout

Qihui Ye



Tyler Lee

Hanna Williamson

JiaJie Yu



Kenneth Swartout

Trevor Vogel

Legend High School

All State Band and All State Jazz Band:

Andrew Duncan


All State Orchestra:

Nathaniel Bowe


All State Choir:

Brooke Erickson

Isaac Hansen

Corson Lewarne

Alyssa Monahan


Mountain Vista High School


Landon Mills

Taryn Bradley



Anthony Jacobellis

Landon Mills

Meghan Boe

Emily Workman



Jackson Trust



Filip Pahs

Ponderosa High School

All-State Jazz Choir 

Charlotte Movizzo

Chloe Resler


All-State Choir

Charlotte Movizzo

Helen Bassett


All-State Orchestra

Hudson Maness


Rock Canyon High School

All-State Choir

Aaron Makikalli

Megan Pryor

Amanda Scholz

Chris Woodley


All-State Orchestra

Garrett Figueroa

Danny Irwin

Ian Kretzmann

Carmen Martinez

Stephen Morrison


ThunderRidge High School

All-State Choir

Allison Choe

Ryan Fenske

February 17, 2016 | By CSilberman | Category: Athletics and Activities

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