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ACL Injuries: How Panorama’s PRO-Formance Program Can Help You

Written by Jessie Thalman PT, DPT, Physical Therapist and PRO-Formance Program Lead at Panorama Orthopedics and Spine Center

Recent research indicates up to a 30% chance of re-tear following ACL repair and unfortunately, this is not specific to one sport. Whether you are a football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, baseball, etc. player, once you injure your ACL, you are at an increased risk for re-injury. Here at Panorama’s Wellness and Sports Institute, the PRO-Formance Program will help you return to your sport with a lower risk of re-injury while at the same time optimizing your performance.

Following ACL injury, it is not uncommon to have weaknesses in areas other than your knee, most notably in the hip and core muscles, and if these weaknesses are not addressed, then the likelihood of re-injury increases due to your body compensating for its weaker links. Our PRO-Formance certified coaches are able to identify the ways in which your body compensates and will create an individualized program directed towards those weaknesses. Your program will incorporate stretching exercises to improve flexibility throughout your entire body, strengthening exercises to improve your body’s overall tolerance for activity, and recovery techniques to allow your body to heal after your workout or practice. Our athletes also receive sport-specific training directed towards optimizing their athletic performance, as well as full-body injury prevention techniques.

Per our physician’s and therapist’s guidelines, you can expect to begin PRO-Formance approximately 6 months following your ACL surgery. One-on-one training sessions provide our athletes with direct supervision throughout their entire return to sport program. We have an open line of communication between our physicians, physical therapists, and trainers that allows for a multi-disciplinary approach directed towards rehabilitation of your current injury, as well as future injury prevention. Each workout will be reviewed and discussed with a therapist, who will work with the trainer to create a well-rounded program that allows you to return to your sport stronger than you were before your injury. You will also receive a home exercise program to compliment the sessions you have at The Institute.              

If you are interested in becoming involved in Panorama’s PRO-Formance program, please call The Institute at 720-214-7082 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. We look forward to assisting you in your rehabilitation journey to make you the best athlete you can be.


December 11, 2017 | By CSilberman | Category: Athletics and Activities

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