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5A Girls Swim and Dive to Excellence

5A Girls Swim and Dive state finals took place in Fort Collins at the Eudora Swim and Ice Center on Saturday, February 13th.  DCSD girls finished strong with two first place swims by Abigail Kochevar at Rock Canyon and several top five finishes by other excellent swimmers.  Rock Canyon finished fifth in team results and Chaparral took sixth place. These student athletes worked hard all season and finished with excellent results.



Women 200 Yard Medley Relay
4th Place Finish- Rock Canyon High School- Final Time-1:47.93
1) Mathieson, Makenna, 10
2) Kochevar, Abigail, 12
3) Lacy, Madeline, 12
4) Beckwith, Jessica, 09

5th Place Finish- Chaparral High School –Final Time-1:48.32
1) Paris, Hannah, 12
2) Gassen, Kaylee, 12
3) Grier, Kelly, 12
4) Sandeno, Michaela, 12

Women 200 Yard IM
4th Place Finish- Gassen, Kaylee, 12, Chaparral High School- Final Time 2:06.53

Women 50 Yard Freestyle
State Champion
1st Place Finish- - Kochevar, Abigail, 12, Rock Canyon High School- Final Time 23.29

5th Place Finish- Paris, Hannah, 12, Chaparral High School- Finish Time 24.32

Women 1 Meter Diving
3rd Place Finish- Barker, Lexie, 11, Douglas County High School- Score-463.60

5th Place Finish- Tamborski, Samantha, 10, Douglas County High School- Score-459.35

Women 200 Yard Freestyle Relay
4th Place Finish-Chaparral High School- Final Time-1:38.25
1) Sandeno, Michaela, 12
2) Paris, Hannah, 12
3) Grier, Kelly, 12
4) Gassen, Kaylee, 12

Women 100 Yard Backstroke
State Champion
1st Place Finish- Kochevar, Abigail, 12,  Rock Canyon High School-Final Time 55.00

5A Team Rankings

5th Place Finish-Rock Canyon High School-Score of 127

6th Place Finish- Chaparral High School-Score of 110

February 16, 2016 | By arorcutt | Category: Athletics and Activities

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