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RMC Research is conducing a survey regarding the use of Douglas County School District teachers’ time -- especially when it comes to non-instructional demands, as a result of a February 2016 Board of Education resolution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose?

The goal of the study is to receive an accurate picture of teacher time in the District.  The survey will provide the Board with information regarding the amount of time teachers spend on non-instructional activities such as: professional development, instructional planning, student assessment, school management, parent communication, CITE evaluation, and student supports and specifically on the ways that teachers use allocated instructional planning time. 

Who will conduct the study?

RMC Research was selected by the Board of Education for the project in July 2016, following an RFP process. In order to ensure the validity of RMC Research’s results, the company will handle all elements of the study moving forward, including communication with teachers, organization of advisory groups and surveys.

How will the survey results be used? 

The information gathered from teachers during the confidential survey will be used to alleviate obstacles for teachers and ensure that they have sufficient time available for instructional planning and supporting students. One way this may occur is the Board to develop new Board resolutions or policies or modify existing Board resolutions or policies.

Are teachers required to participate?

No. participation in the survey is strictly voluntary and teachers may choose to stop participating at any time.  There will be no penalty if a teacher chooses not to participate or withdraws from the study.

Will information be kept confidential?

RMC Research will be conducting the survey and intends to keep the information they collect confidential. No individual responses will be shared with the district or anyone outside of RMC Research and no one will know which individuals participated in the survey.  Teachers will not be identified by name in any report.  Results will describe time use in the district overall and to examine variation among different types of teachers and schools. No information will be reported about individuals or schools; all reporting will be at the group level. RMC Research will be sending the survey directly to teachers via email.


August 2016
- RMC Letter to DCSD Teachers
- DCSD Teacher Letter

September 2016
-Developed & Revised survey with a DCSD teacher advisory group

October 2016
-Met with Board of Education members to review survey, faciliate feedback
 Will secure Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval of study
- DCSD Teacher Update
- Board of Education formal approval
- Teacher Time Survey launch

November 2016
- Teacher Time Survey closes