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American Academy enhances art programming

Peter Pan performance at American Academy

CASTLE PINES – While students have been enjoying summertime and activities, the music department at American Academy Charter School has been undergoing a transformation in preparation for the rollout of a new Performing Arts department.
The new Performing Arts department will build on and augment the success of past performing arts offerings by adding a variety of dance, theater tech, and film classes, to be held before and after school. In addition to its new department name and supplemental classes, the AA Performing Arts department is also proud to announce the new Performing Arts Academy (PAA), an optional and supplemental certification program for students interested in taking their love for performing arts to the next level.
Through the PAA program, interested students may enroll in a Performing Arts track as early as fifth grade, choosing from a broad list of options, including Voice, Theater, Instrumental, Film, Dance, Triple Threat (Vocal, Theater and Dance), General Performance, and Technical tracks. Once registered for a track, the student then enrolls in PAA courses to achieve a certain number of credits for that track, and upon graduation, will receive an American Academy Certificate of Performing Arts. Though Performing Arts classes will be available to all students, only those participating in the Performing Arts Academy program will receive this special certification.
According to Mark Middlebrooks, director at American Academy, an outstanding Performing Arts curriculum fits right in with the mission and philosophy of the STEM school. “At AA, we are all about providing opportunities for real-world learning, whatever the student’s interest, and we believe that all students rise to the level of their environment. So it’s in the best interest of the students for us to provide a realistic and professional environment on the stage, in the classroom, and in life. By doing so, our students begin to experience their passion in a real world setting, whether that passion is performing or piloting rocket ships!”
Classes won’t begin until August when students return to school, and registration for the Performing Arts Academy certification program is available online.
American Academy-Parker 7th grade student, Taylor Zeto, who is already signed up for Theater Track, adds that the new PAA program means she gets “…to do something we love on a year round schedule! There will be a lot more opportunities for us to learn new skills and be able to perform more often. I love that I can get more experience right here at my own school and with Mr. Middlebrooks who makes it so much fun!"

July 18, 2014 | By SCPaulsen | Category: American Academy Parker, Charter Schools

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