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Board File: KHB-R

The District encourages cooperative, positive partnerships with the business community. The District’s sponsorship/advertising program is intended to enhance the District’s educational program, not to provide a means of communication by which non-school persons or entities may communicate with the school community.  The District, therefore, may enter into sponsorship or advertising agreements only when the District determines that doing so is in the best interests of the District and the program can be implemented in a manner that is satisfactory to the District.  Consistent with this principle, the District reserves the right to determine what agreements will be beneficial to the District and the content of any subsequent sponsorship or advertising display.      All sponsorships/advertising contracts will allow the District to terminate the contract.

The District strongly encourages the education of its students in the area of “media literacy” whenever possible, such that its student population will be more cognizant of the vendor information or materials being presented.

District Guidelines:

All announcements, messages, sponsorships and revenue enhancements covered by this regulation must be consistent with the District’s Behavior Expectations and Core Values.

Outdoor signage shall not exceed the dimensions of the area where the sign will be placed, and will be limited to the fence perimeter of the fields, scoreboards, and concession areas and shall comply with applicable rules, guidelines, and regulations imposed by any sanctioning body of the event at which the signage will be displayed. Outdoor signage may allow for the name of the sponsor.  District uniforms may allow for the name of the sponsor.

Advertising/signage will not be allowed in classrooms.   For the purposes of these guidelines, gymnasiums will not be considered classrooms.

No  advertising  will  be  allowed  in  the  interior  of  District  school  buses.    Exterior advertising will be permitted on a limited basis, restricted to the side, rear quarter panels of buses.  A special waiver for additional advertising on vehicles may be granted by the Board of Education.

Policies established by the District’s Communication Office, allow flyer distribution through elementary school weekly folders only if they are created specifically by the District and its schools.  Advertising and sponsorship opportunities, therefore, shall not include the distribution of flyers through the schools, including the weekly folders.

Vendors may be allowed to advertise at after-school functions, such as back-to-school nights and must obtain permission from the school principal before participation.

District and individual school publication may contain advertising indicating the sponsor’s name and/or logo.

This policy and procedure will be reviewed annually by the Office of Purchasing & Contracting.

Adopted:  January 19, 1999
Revised:  January 17, 2006