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The Board of Education recognizes that the School District’s mission can be forwarded by revenues raised through certain commercial ventures, including commercial ventures involving advertising and corporate sponsorships. The purpose of any such ventures is to raise revenue for the District in a manner consistent with the School District’s mission and core values. Thus, the District reserves the right to enter into the commercial ventures of its choosing and to negotiate the terms of such ventures including the content of any advertising appearing on District facilities, in District publications, or otherwise associated with the District. While the District is not obligated to enter into any particular commercial venture, the District shall not enter into any venture where the District determines that the product advertised, or the content of the advertising for the product is unsuitable for a K-12 audience, or that the product or advertising is in any way inconsistent with the School District’s mission, core values, and obligations.

The revenues received through this program will:

1.         Enhance student achievement;

2.         Assist in the maintenance of existing District athletics and activity programs;

3.         Provide scholarship for students participating in athletic and activity programs who demonstrate financial need;

4.         Assist the District in continuing to provide quality services.

Appropriate opportunities for these marketing activities include, but are not limited to:

1.         Fixed signage;

2.         Banners;

3.         District publications;

4.         Athletic facilities;

5.         District projects;

6.         District and regional level activities at state tournaments (CHSAA approval needed);

7.         Expanded usage of facilities beyond traditional use (i.e., concerts, rallies, marching band competitions, etc.);

8.         Exterior of District buses and service vehicles;

9.         Athletic team uniforms/warmups and other student activities where uniforms are worn and are allowed under state and national rules;

10.       Individual school publications;

11.       Television and radio rights where such rights can be sold, and are not in conflict with the rules of any other governing organization.

Advertising/Revenue Distribution

Revenues from school site signage and banners will remain with the individual facility.

Revenues generated from District-wide advertising will supplement either the District’s general fund or capital reserve funds to be used to support curricular and instructional activities.

Revenues generated from the District-wide facilities, such as football stadiums, will be used to supplement the District’s athletic/activity budget with the first commitment to the upkeep and care of the facility.

Revenues generated from the sale of television or radio rights will be used to support the budgets of the schools involved in the televised activity. If a contest is televised or broadcast at a school site, the revenues will be distributed between the competing teams if the teams are both District teams.  If one is a District team, and the other is out of District, the revenues generated will go to the District team’s building budget.

Revenues generated from signage at individual building athletic fields and/or gyms will enhance the budget as determined by that building’s decision making process.

Revenues generated from the expanded use of District facilities, such as musical events, will go to the sponsoring program after all expenses for the use of the facility have been paid.

Revenues generated by booster clubs, etc. will remain with those programs.

All other Board of Education policies (i.e., Building Usage) will remain in full force.  All discrepancies between this policy and others shall be brought to the attention of the superintendent, or designee. The superintendent, or designee, will make these discrepancies known to the Board of Education with a recommendation as to the solution.

Current practice codified 1978
Adopted: date of manual adoption
Revised: December 2, 1997
Revised: February 2, 1999

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