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Board File: JECBA

Immigrant Students 

Students who have immigrated to the District from a foreign country, and are under the sponsorship of their parents or guardians living in the District, will be admitted to schools under the same provisions and terms as any other citizen of the District.  In each instance, the student will be required to complete the Immigration and Naturalization Service form I-20A-B and/or meet guardianship requirements. 

Non-Immigrant Foreign Exchange Students 

The district recognizes the educational and cultural value of international exchange programs and foreign exchange students and authorizes the admission of a limited number of non-immigrant foreign exchange students to the education programs offered in the district’s schools in accordance with this policy and accompanying regulation. The district reserves the right to deny admission to any student, in accordance with applicable law. 

Unless the district determines otherwise in accordance with the district’s graduation policy, foreign exchange students shall not be considered candidates for high school diplomas from the district and instead will be awarded a certificate of completion.

Foreign exchange students sponsored by an approved program (J-1 visa) 

To protect the interests of the district, its schools and students, only foreign exchange students from an exchange program designated by the United States Department of State will be considered. Foreign exchange students admitted as part of an approved program are considered wards of the families with whom they reside. 

Foreign students on a J-1 visa may attend school for up to one academic year. The student's attendance may be extended so long as federal law allows and the student satisfies all district requirements regarding the same.  

Foreign students on a J-1 visa are not required by law to pay tuition. 

Foreign exchange students privately sponsored (F-1 visa) 

Privately sponsored foreign exchange students may be enrolled if an adult resident of the district has been given temporary guardianship and the student lives in the home of that guardian and if the student meets all legal requirements for a student visa. 

Foreign students on an F-1 visa shall only attend secondary schools within the district and are required by law to pay the district for the full, unsubsidized per capita cost to the district for providing education to the student for the period of his or her attendance. The period of attendance may not exceed 12 months. 

Non-Immigrant Visitors 

Foreign students visiting on a short-term basis in the District may attend school as a visitor for a limited time, normally no longer than two weeks.  No class credit will be granted for such visits. 

Adopted: November 27, 1979 
Revised: November 20, 1990 
Revised: October 15, 2002 
Revised:  September 3, 2013 
Revised:  June 5, 2018 

8 U.S.C. 1101 (a)(15)(F)(i) (definition of nonimmigrant student) 
8 U.S.C. 1184 (m) (admission of nonimmigrant elementary and secondary school students) 22 C.F.R. 62.25 (eligibility for and administration of foreign exchange secondary student 
visitor programs) 
IKF, Graduation Requirements