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Superintendent File: EBB/EBBB

Staff members shall adhere to recommended safety practices as they pertain to the school plant, special types and areas of instruction, student transportation, school sports, occupational safety, etc. It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent or designee to see that appropriate staff members are kept informed of current state and local requirements relating to fire prevention, civil defense, sanitation, public health, and occupational safety.

Teachers shall recognize and be particularly observant of conditions that affect the health and safety of children in their classrooms, on the playgrounds, or in any other areas where children work or play.  Teachers shall take reasonable steps to protect students and other personnel from accident, injury, or health hazards, and shall concern themselves with instruction in health and safety matters as may be appropriate for the welfare of students and other personnel. Teachers are also expected to make written reports to their principal of any health or safety hazard which is beyond their power to control.

First Aid

Schools are responsible for giving first aid or emergency treatment in case of sudden illness or injury to a student or a member of the staff. Further medical attention to students is the responsibility of the parents or guardian, or of someone the parents or guardian designate in case of emergency.

In each school, procedures for handling such emergencies shall be made known to the staff. The principal shall be charged with providing for the immediate care of ill or injured persons; emergency aid shall be administered only by a qualified staff member.

All school employees are expected to know where first-aid supplies are kept in their work areas, and to be well-informed about proper first-aid practices so that they can take necessary action until a qualified staff member can be notified.

Accident Reports

Accurate and prompt accident reporting is essential if similar accidents are to be prevented from happening again.  If there are injuries or damage, prompt reports are also vital in assuring the District, staff, students, and others of proper insurance coverage.

Therefore, an accident report shall be filed for every accident that takes place on school property, or that involves a school vehicle, students or staff on school-sponsored trips, or staff members on authorized school business trips.   Such accident reports are required whether or not there was any immediately evident injury or damage.

For accidents involving students, the teacher responsible for the child when the accident occurred shall file an accident report with the principal on the same day. Teachers shall also report promptly to the principal any illness affecting a child in their charge. It shall be the responsibility of the principal or his/her designee to notify the parents or legal guardian of any accident or serious illness. Reports on accidents to staff members, or accidents occurring off school grounds or involving school transportation vehicles, shall be filed in accordance with procedures developed by the superintendent.

Accident report forms shall be as designed and made available for each school; they shall give factual information that (1) might be helpful in preventing similar accidents in the future; (2) are needed for filing insurance claims; (3) might be important in case of litigation.


Current practice codified 1978
Adopted: February 6, 1979
Repealed by the Board and re-enacted and revised by the Superintendent: September 2, 2003


EBBA, Prevention of Disease/Infection Transmission
GBGA, Staff Health
JLCD, Administering Medicines to Students