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“Rudy” delivers inspirational speech to Ponderosa High School Students

Rudy Ruettiger addresses students at PHS

PARKER – “Ru-dy, Ru-dy, Ru-dy” was the chant from well over one thousand students at Ponderosa High School as they welcomed famed Notre Dame alumnus Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger to the stage.

Ruettiger was in town as the keynote speaker for the 2014 Parker Area Chamber of Commerce celebration on Tuesday, December 9. Chamber President and CEO Dennis Houston said it was also a great opportunity to get Rudy’s inspirational message out to area students. “We are very pleased to partner with community sponsors to host Rudy for a school assembly program for a couple thousand Parker area high school students.” Houston added, “Our goal is to get Rudy and his powerful message of overcoming obstacles to achieve your life dream in front of high school students in Parker.”

Ruettiger’s story was portrayed in the movie, “Rudy”, which was released over 20 years ago. It is an against-the-odds story of perseverance and determination. The son of an oil refinery worker and the third of fourteen children, Rudy overcame all hurdles put in his way to make it into Notre Dame and onto to the football team’s scout program. He played but three downs in the last football game of his career but is distinguished as the first player of two to ever be carried off the field by teammates in Notre Dame football history.

Rudy states that he loves speaking to the young students, “The high school students are our future. We want to make sure they can head down the right path and inspire others to make better choices.”

He also points out that achieving one’s dream is not an easy task by any means. “If you want something you will find ways to get to it. It’s a desire that turns into passion and that passion turns into the goals and achievements you need to get to where you want to go. So it’s important to have that dream, but it’s also hard to get that dream because we get so many thoughts as we grow but we are what we are and it’s not what people think about you but what you think about yourself.”

Rudy continues to tour the country with his inspirational and motivational speeches and says he will continue to try to motivate the young leaders of tomorrow through his example of commitment and human spirit.

December 16, 2014 | By SCPaulsen | Category: Ponderosa High School, High School Education

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